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Eliminating 2 teams is smart financially

What is all this consternation about Bud Selig's announcement that Major League Baseball will eliminate two teams? Baseball is an entertainment business. Forget the emotional arguments for keeping every team. If teams cannot make money over a consistent period of time, they should go away or move to a city that will give more support. Never let it be said players are paid too much and fans do not support losers.

Two fewer teams will make the league stronger, and minor-league caliber players that do not play at major-league the level will go away. Vince, are you listening?

Victor Wood

Indian Rocks Beach

Why D'backs, not Rays?

Four years ago I was among the thrilled crowd that waited all night outside the Trop to buy tickets for the first Devil Rays spring training. We were happy when Vince Naimoli came by to chat with us and thank us for our support. I was excited to be there for the first game and many more after that.

Sunday night I watched the other team that started the same time as the Rays, the Diamondbacks. The only difference is the other team won the World Series.

I wonder why there is such a big difference between these two 4-year-old teams. Is it money? Or management? Or a lack of it?

Cal Zethmayr


Fewer seats, fewer fans

With the upper deck of Tropicana Field shut down, middle class families will be relegated to the Beach, which are affordable but a mile away from the diamond. John McHale will save the club a bundle of money and, in turn, alienate hundreds of fans who won't be allowed to use the upper deck the majority of the time. It's a sad day for Devil Rays baseball when money is more important than the average fan. Our family won't attend as much.

Tim Gaffney


"Miracles' ahead for Bucs?

The Diamondbacks score two runs off Mariano Rivera in the bottom of the ninth to win the World Series. Perhaps now the stage is set for more sporting "miracles" this year. Maybe the Bucs can win in cold weather? Or, more amazing, maybe they can run a kickoff back for a touchdown? Or even more amazing, maybe their offensive line could block effectively?

Willie Harris

Safety Harbor