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Lawmakers reflect the voter's desires

Martin Dyckman's Nov. 4 column There's clearly someone to blame for this sad state exposes the liberal media's disdain for the opinions of ordinary Floridians.

Although liberals may not like it, the legislators who represent us in Tallahassee simply are a reflection of those who elected them. Floridians have spoken clearly about which party they want to govern Florida by electing a Republican governor and large Republican majorities in the House (77-43) and Senate (25-15). While elitists may believe their opinions are somehow more enlightened than those of the Floridians who elected the Legislature, they cannot deny that the numbers speak for themselves.

And the sad state of which Dyckman speaks is one whose leaders believe that less government means more freedom. What those of us who elected Florida's leaders really want _ contrary to Dyckman's claims _ is a fiscally responsible government that recognizes it cannot and should not try to live our lives for us. We want a government that encourages equality of opportunity but does not try to guarantee equality of outcome. We also want a responsible press that has the self-restraint not to charge that this state's elected leaders, and those who voted for them, support policies that will kill babies, an ironic charge about a party that supports the sanctity of life, both born and unborn.

If Martin Dyckman and those who share his views do not like Florida's Legislature, they can either vote for other candidates next November or move to one of this country's other 49 states that they find more to their liking.

Brian Flaherty, president, Conservative

Institute for Public Awareness,


Buying the GOP spin

Re: There's clearly someone to blame for this sad state, Nov. 4.