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Lowe's: Ad with kids' garden was oversight

This fall, Lowe's sent an advertising magazine to homes all over America, suggesting fun home-improvement projects for fall.

One of the ideas: Build a whimsical wooden playground for your kids, and underneath it, let the kids plant a garden.

"Kids love to dig in the dirt," the ad says.

"Take advantage of this and have each child care for his or her own special plant in a bed under the play set. This protected environment can be a child's first experience with gardening."

One problem: environmental safety experts say children should never play under pressure-treated wood play sets. The soil may be contaminated with arsenic that leaks from the treated boards.

When confronted about the ad, Lowe's spokeswoman Chris Ahearn didn't demur.

"It was an oversight on our part," Ahearn said. "We would not publish such a paragraph in the future."