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The world according to Dirty Jackson

Published Sep. 10, 2005

Safety Dexter Jackson is one of the funnier personalities in the Bucs locker room. This is his world on the secrets to good romance, plastic surgery, the Pro Bowl, strip clubs and Moses.

RM: Why do they call you Dirty?

DJ: It's because I come from a small town (Quincy) in the country and they have a lot of dirt roads. My cousin (Lee), when he started to rap, he called us Dirt Road Records. So, that's it.

RM: So you rap?

DJ: Me and some of the guys get into some freestyling sometimes. We're all right.

RM: So if you cut a record, what would your hip-hop name be?

DJ: Probably Dirty, Dirty.

RM: The word is you're one of the lead smack talkers in the locker room.

DJ: Well, we have a couple of guys on this team. (Warren) Sapp and Keyshawn (Johnson), they might be on top. Then DeMarcus Curry. I might be fourth in line.

RM: Michael Jackson is the King of Pop and also the King of Plastic Surgery. Would you consider plastic surgery?

DJ: No. No. No.

RM: So, you're saying that there is no part of your body that you would alter?

DJ: No part. People want to be somebody else, somebody that they're not. You can't help how you were placed on this earth. Everybody is different for a reason.

RM: Hold on now, if you blew up to 400 pounds, wouldn't you do a little liposuction?

DJ: I wouldn't. You let yourself blow up to 400. You didn't come out 400.

RM: Tell me something your mom does better than anybody else?

DJ: Counsels. She has ways to talk to people. Back at the house, a lot of people, kids from around, like to visit or call her and talk to her for advice.

RM: The way to a man's heart is . . .?

DJ: Through his stomach, that's No. 1. But I think the way is to have a winning personality.

RM: What's the first thing you notice about a woman?

DJ: Aside from the basics? You know, everyone looks for dimes all the time. (RM: That would be perfect 10s for the hip-hop impaired.) But I want character and personality. I can't be with somebody who doesn't have a nice personality.

RM: So if she's a dime but has no personality, you're saying you won't talk to her?

DJ: I'm going to speak to her at first, but you will know by the conversation if it's good or not. A lot of people overlook that. They just want to talk to her because she looks good.

RM: Would you marry a nickel, if she had a great personality?

DJ: Yes, it would depend on what we've been through. Yes, well, maybe a seven and a half.

RM: So a penny is out of the question?

DJ: You can walk down the road and find a penny.

RM: So, what's the way to a woman's heart?

DJ: I think it's how you treat them. Sometimes men try to treat them differently when they are around people, but that doesn't make a relationship. What really makes a relationship is when you and her are at home, doing your daily thing.

RM: Would you own a strip club?

DJ: No.

RM: Why not? It's a lucrative business.

DJ: It's too much hassle. There's so much that can go on, things that you think are not going on but are actually going on. And then when it blows up in your face, then everyone reminds you that it's your club. But I don't have a problem with strip clubs. It's entertainment.

RM: Do you think about the Pro Bowl?

DJ: All the time. I got a shirt from Derrick Brooks from the 2000 Pro Bowl and through training camp I wore it under my shoulder pads every day. If it doesn't happen this year, then it's going to happen next year. You dream about getting to the NFL and, once you're here, you can't be satisfied with that. I've never been to Hawaii.

RM: Aside from JC, who is your next favorite biblical personality?

DJ: I'm going with Moses. He got all his people released. He said if you don't release my people, I'm going to make you release my people. I'm going to bring all these plagues down on you. And he brought some (stuff) down on them. Then, he was the only man to have conversations with God.

RM: Suppose Moses had misplaced the 11th Commandment, how did it read?

DJ: Man. I would say, "Thou shalt not ever forget where thou came from because what's in you is in you." You see, too many people forget what it took to get them where they are, the things that they have been through. And once they get somewhere, once they've made it, they think, "It's my world now." They forget that along the way, somebody helped. You can't ever forget the little things like that.

RM: If Moses was a black man, how would things have been different?

DJ: First of all, there would have been more commandments. When he started to write the commandments, he would have started to get hot about some things and just started adding on a few extra.

RM: Like?

DJ: Like, "If you owe somebody money, thou shalt pay them back on time." And, "Thou shalt not wear a weave!" There would have been a lot more things added to the list.

RM: Break down the conversation between a black Moses and the Pharaoh.

DJ: Pharaoh, let me holler for a second. Look here, man, you see those people (pointing), those are my peeps, man. You got my peeps back here and this stick I have here, it's got some fire in it. Don't play. With this stick, I'm going to show you one thing. But if you don't act right, I'm going to turn everything loose.