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Council member's tasteless antics are cause for his removal

Editor: After the Nov. 6 City Council meeting, I feel that we, the residents of the city of New Port Richey, have had enough of Mr. Finn. He repeatedly insults the people, the city, our state representatives, and the very essence of the council.

I have attended almost every council meeting in the past year, and used to laugh at his antics and sometimes stupid behavior. But you can only be amused just so long. Since this summer, his grandstanding in the council and the press has made our city look foolish in the eyes of the entire county. He has done nothing but insult the people and use the Sept. 11 disaster to his own benefit. I think this is appalling.

What Mr. Finn did in the council chamber on Tuesday night was the most tasteless thing I have ever been witness to. He uses the meeting for his own personal problems with Ms. Miller. Calling our children future terrorists was insulting to every parent in the city. I respectfully request that the City Council start proceeding immediately to remove Mr. Finn from the council. He is out of control and does not deserve to hold public office. I am sure that I am not the only citizen in this city that is tired of his attention-grabbing garbage.

If the city does not act on this, I will go to the election board and start an action for recall on Mr. Finn. We are tired of looking like fools because of his behavior.

John DiGiorgio, New Port Richey

Councilman disrespects city, residents

Editor: I was appalled at the accounting of what happened between Mr. Finn, Ms. Miller and her husband. If anyone needs to be kicked off the council, it's Mr. Finn. He is rude, crude and will do anything to get attention in council or in print.

The last council meeting I attended before my illness (October 2001), Mr. Finn was so rude to me as I was trying to make a point to the council, with his huge-tooth smile and the shaking of his head no-no, I had to let him know not to shake his head because I was sure something would rattle. Well, still showing disrespect to me with the continuing shaking of his head, I told him I did hear rattling, not much, just a very small nut or bolt loose.

This man has shown disrespect to the City Council and citizens of this city all year. In my opinion, not Ms. Miller, but Mr. Finn should be expelled from the council in the best interest of the city of New Port Richey.

He is, and has been, the laughing stock in all of Pasco County. If he had taken the freedom of touching me, I would have decked him and so would have my husband. This man has no respect for himself or others. The Millers need to sue him, along with anyone else he has touched. He wants an apology. Well, here it is: I apologize for the many people who voted for you.

Mr. Finn, you need to apologize to every citizen in the city, and then just drop out of sight.

Anna Bully, New Port Richey

Why not settle disputes like kids do?

Editor: My daughter, who will be 7 years old next month, demonstrates more skill and diplomacy resolving conflicts than any of these pseudo-politicians on the New Port Richey City Council. In light of this discovery, I have a suggestion. Why don't council members pick a day and just meet by the bike rack at recess so they can settle their disputes like the first-graders that they appear to be?

Sean P. Smith, Port Richey

Writer was right about amendment

Editor: This is in reply to Mr. Michael J. Diglio, Nov. 6, 2001. He is so right about the Second Amendment. Also remember the First, Fourth, and Fifth Amendments.

I.T. Miskin, Elfers