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'N Sync performs benefit concert

about 150,000 'N Sync fans shrieked and shrilled Sunday night as the popular boy band performed such hits as Pop, Bye Bye Bye and Tearin' Up My Heart during a free Veterans Day concert on South Beach.

The predominantly young, female crowd pushed toward the stage when the five band members appeared wearing Red Cross T-shirts. At one point, mounted police officers appeared to prevent the crowd from pushing over a fence in an attempt to get closer.

The sale of VIP tickets and concessions at the show are to benefit families of the victims of the Sept. 11 attacks and local workers who recently lost their jobs.

Before the show, band members _ who had twice canceled shows earlier this year in Miami _ said the concert was for people to just have a good time.

More than 200 off-duty law enforcement officers and about 150 volunteers wearing gold-colored T-shirts were to be posted in the area. A chain-link fence ran along the street for 10 blocks.

Local business owners said they hoped the show would inject tourist dollars into South Beach.