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"I began patting him on the back while he worked, saying, "Wendell, save my kids.' "

_ Brian Supple to paramedic Wendell Jenkins after a car ran over Supple's three children in the driveway of his home. Ralph Metcalf, director of the city's sewer department, told police he blacked out and lost control of his car.

"He's been passed over, neglected, written off. . . . If you throw Tavaris Knight away, you throw all the children who need help away. It's an indictment on us all."

_ Defense attorney Ursula Richardson to Circuit Judge Jack Espinosa Jr., pleading for her 13-year-old client, Tavaris Knight, convicted of raping a woman at a city park. Prosecutors argued to imprison Knight for life, but Espinosa said he didn't want to give up on Knight and sentenced him to 15 years.

"It's supposed to be a puzzle. And it doesn't fit."

_ Kathy Mordenti on the evidence against her father, Michael, who has spent 10 years on death row for a murder he insists he did not commit. No physical evidence links him to the crime, and one witness has recanted. A hearing on his motion for a retrial began last week and continues later this month.

"Just hit me now."

_ Sedrika Green screaming to oncoming traffic after hearing that her 17-month-old son, Tyrese, had died after spending hours strapped in a car seat inside a van owned by Lotta Lovin Day Care Center.

"It was like he was in the witness protection program or something. He was pulling down all these big bucks but never showed up for work."

_ Barbara Kroll, a registered nurse practitioner at James A. Haley VA Medical Center until retiring recently after 27 years, on Chester Luney, a former clinical psychologist at the hospital who also funneled grant money to the nonprofit group where he is the part-time head.