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Twins fans to circulate petition

A grassroots effort was announced to make it known fans don't want the Twins to be contracted. Paul Ridgeway, chairman of the "Keep the Twins at Home" effort, said commissioner Bud Selig is severely underestimating the power and loyalty of Twins fans.

Ridgeway's group hopes to gather tens of thousands of signatures on petitions in support of the Twins when red, white and blue "Twins Fans Vans" leave the Metrodome on Tuesday for various parts of Minnesota. The effort will continue through Dec. 1.

DIAMONDBACKS: Owner Jerry Colangelo said ticket prices will be raised but hasn't decided by how much. Also, John Teets, a general partner, said a deal on new investors is "very close." If there were new partners, it would dilute the value of stakes held by current investors but enable the 23 limited partners to lessen or avoid additional cash calls.

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