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Bogging request not taken seriously

Published Sep. 10, 2005

Editor: Re: Boggers lose bid for pit, Nov. 7 Hernando Times:

Are all of our county commissioners as stupid as they appear, or are they just concerned about getting Spring Hill votes when they run for re-election?

The recent appeal to the commission to overturn a Planning and Zoning Board decision for a mud-bogging venue was a joke. Our commissioners wasted their time and the time of all concerned.

Commissioner Mary Aiken obviously didn't even know what we were discussing, which was evident when she could not pronounce "mud bogging." She showed further lack of intelligence when she compared it to lap dancing. Is there any comparison here?

Commission Chairman Chris Kingsley then demonstrated total lack of professionalism when he proceeded to joke about the request. Is this the way elected officials are supposed to act?

It appeared the commissioners were opposed to the appeal even before the facts were presented. In my opinion, all five commissioners were not in touch with reality when the facts about environmental issues were presented, as they totally ignored the facts, as well as staff recommendations for approval.

Comments about alcohol and drug abuse were fraudulent and made by opponents of mud bogging. There were deputies present all three days at the Labor Day weekend mud bogging, and there were no arrests for any offenses.

Documents were offered that showed how much the local economy was positively impacted by local businesses, and the tourist development council confirmed this. No evidence was presented about anything negative. The only opposition was by a few local cry-babies who presented a petition signed primarily by residents of Spring Hill and other areas 10 to 15 miles away.

Why would anyone living so far away object?

When are the commissioners going to let the east side of Hernando County do anything for children and families who desire entertainment, other than a ball park or skateboard park?

Next time, maybe the commissioners will vote on the facts, not emotion. And all voters need to remember the names of these commissioners at election time.

Since the local residents commented on their love of country living, maybe they will be impressed when the biggest hog farm in central Florida is opened at this site, as it is zoned agricultural.

J.O. "Jimmy" Batten


Paul McIntosh does not deserve bigger raise

Editor: Re: Commission races may be familiar, Nov. 5 Hernando Times:

Let me set the record straight. Commissioner Chris Kingsley appears confused when he states to the news media that I had " . . . promised to bring Paul McIntosh's pay up to standards comparable with other county administrators." It is true that I, as chairman of the board, was responsible for the negotiation of the administrator's employment contract. After brief negotiations, McIntosh was offered a take-it-or-leave-it contract, which he accepted and which was approved by the board, including the vote of Kingsley.

The contract, as approved, did not address "comparable pay standards with other county administrators," which Kingsley should know. I had no reason to offer McIntosh additional incentives for follow-on contracts, because the record reflects he was not my initial choice for county administrator.

In my opinion, the county administrator deserves no more increase than the rank-and-file employees, which this year was 5 percent.

It appears to me that Commissioner Kingsley is trying to find a scapegoat for his unpopular view that McIntosh is worth a 15 percent wage increase.

Paul H. Sullivan

Hernando Beach