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Man faces charges in Friday shooting

A 25-year-old Dogwood Heights man turned himself in at the Hernando County Jail on Monday after he was accused of shooting a man Friday night on Dorsey Smith Road.

Authorities spent the weekend looking for John Jerrold Postle of 24060 Peppermill Drive, who was charged with aggravated battery and possession of a firearm by a felon. He was being held on $1,000 bail Monday night.

Jason Bradley Owens, 23, of 24458 Dorsey Smith Road was in critical condition Monday in a Tampa hospital with a gunshot wound to the stomach, authorities said.

Postle drove his champagne-colored Lincoln down the dirt road Friday, the Sheriff's Office reported, passing a field full of horses, oak trees and one-story homes that line the quiet street.

Postle pulled into a driveway at the home where Owens lives with Alan Clovis. Postle had come to collect money from Clovis, who heard the car and started walking toward his bedroom to get the money, deputies said. On his way, Clovis heard his front door open and close, and walked outside.

There, he saw that Owens, who also lives in the home, had walked into the yard. Owens and Postle clashed because they had dated the same girl, authorities said.

Outside, Postle and Owens wrestled on the ground. Clovis told authorities it was dark and he could hardly see what was happening, but said he walked toward the two men to break up the fight. He heard a gunshot.

He told deputies he saw Owens roll to the side. He saw a gun in Postle's hand, he said, and saw Postle put the gun in the front of his pants as he walked to his car and left.

Postle turned himself in at the jail with his attorney, Robert Morris, who said he could not discuss the incident. Postle declined a request for an interview, as did his mother, who was outside the jail about 1 p.m. Monday.

Records show Postle pleaded guilty in 1996 to selling cocaine. Authorities said he also was convicted in 1997 of burglary.

After Owens was shot, Clovis told investigators, he went into the house and told his wife to call 911. He picked up his car keys and attempted to chase Postle, authorities said.

Detective Mike Nelson of the Sheriff's Office arrived at the scene about 6:10 p.m. Friday and said Owens told him that he and Postle had been arguing about money when Postle shot him. Paramedics took Owens by helicopter to St. Joseph's Hospital.

One resident on Dorsey Smith Road, Kevin Fields, 26, said his neighbors have been talking about the shooting since it occurred. Fields said he was not there Friday, but heard about the incident on Saturday.

"We don't usually have problems out here," said Fields, a mechanic. "But nothing surprises me in the world today."

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