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Official ought to be recalled for his actions

Editor: Was Joe Menicola elected or anointed? And what does it have to do with his son's speeding infraction? Why should the name Menicola cause the police to offer some kind of consideration? If I or either of my sons got a speeding ticket, what consideration should I be given? Is there another police function us common folk know nothing about? At what level of royalty are the police required to provide said consideration? Mr. Menicola sounds like a bully who tries to push folks around using his position. Now, where have we seen someone try to ruin their accusers before, as it appears he threatened to do to the police?

Port Richey, you keep him. But I would be pushing for a recall. Pomposity should not be tolerated in public officials.

Wayne Hays, Hudson

Council member must go

Editor: Joe has to go. His actions were outrageous. I voted for him and believe me, if he chooses to stay, I certainly will not vote for him again.

I expect the people who I voted for and represent me to act in a civilized manner. No way can you treat the police in such a manner, and I took your words as a threat. How could you deal with the police with any kind of objectivity now?

I hope the other council members let us know that they do not support your actions. This issue will not rest.

Sam Ferguson, Port Richey

Actions were beyond belief

Editor: Who does this guy Joe Menicola think he is? Should we address him as councilman, commissar, ayatollah or godfather? Does he picture himself as Rudy Giuliani? Does he really think that he is being a role model for a 32-year-old son? How can the good citizens of Port Richey allow this foul person to represent them on the City Council? Maybe he should just go back to New Jersey and see if he can be re-elected there. His total disdain and lack of respect for the law and law enforcement is beyond belief. And, as far as his statement about "the old days of where you fixed things like that," does he mean that in the old days you fixed the ticket by paying off the officer? If he does, he's wrong again. I was a police officer in New Port Richey 27 years ago (probably long before Ayatollah Menicola even heard of Port Richey) and we often backed up the three-man Port Richey department. I can guarantee him that tickets were not settled at the side of the road. As a matter of fact, councilman or not, had he interfered in the official duty of a law enforcement officer at one of my traffic stops, he'd have found himself cuffed and in the back of my cruiser on the way to the county jail before he could bat an eye.

I hope that the citizens of Port Richey and Chief Bill Downs will fully support and back their fine officers. If someone leaked the report to the Times so that the true character of this person was uncovered, that person should receive the citizen of the year medal.

Ed McDougall Sr., New Port Richey

Menicola is not above law

Editor: Let the shenanigans begin! The article about Mr. Menicola just proves the nonsense and embarrassing tactics used by a few members of the Port Richey City Council.

It makes you wonder if they really do have the best interest of the city on the agenda.

Hmmm, expectations of special courtesies, temper tantrums, threats and vulgar language?

What a wonderful candidate for re-election to City Council! Chief Downs and his staff should continue on as they have been, and refuse to be bullied for doing their jobs.

Mr. Menicola nor his son are above the law, and having status as a council member or council member's son does not afford special courtesies, nor should he expect any.

What person with any sense approaches a vehicle while an officer is writing a citation? Obviously Mr. Menicola feels that because he was known by the officers this should allow his special privileges. Most of all, I cannot believe Mr. Menicola's statement concerning his reading of Chief Downs' contract, and then having the nerve to say that "certain things can be done, if certain things are not done."

I'm no rocket scientist, only a high school graduate, but it certainly seems to me that this was a threat to Mr. Downs' job as police chief.

Perhaps Mr. Menicola should take a few anger management classes before he sticks his foot in his mouth.

I really think Mr. Menicola and Mr. Finn would make great running mates, they have a lot of the same attributes, and only their ability to keep us entertained deserves special recognition! Get real, and conduct yourselves as positive examples for those you serve!

Tammy Bully, New Port Richey

Stations should announce hour

Editor: I have a problem with television news stations, particularly "Bay News 9," and also some radio stations. When announcing the time "29 past the hour" or "35 past the hour" what hour are they talking about? Also, what about the blind? How are they supposed to know what hour?

Isn't it easier to say it's 9:48 a.m. or whatever time it happens to be at the time?

It would be nice to hear the hour along with the minutes.

Nick Gavril, Port Richey

Paranoia is a victory for terrorists

Re: ID should be required to get access to dump, Nov. 6 letter.

Editor: If you think about terrorism or biochemical or an attack of some type, then you are going to be terrified the rest of your life.

If you insist on being afraid of terrorism, then think about this. Isn't a supercenter or a mall a big area that something could be quietly unleashed?

When you go in a store like the mall, couldn't someone put something on the clothes that maybe you are trying on? What about the money you are handling?

How about the grocery store. The bags of flour, baby powder, flea powder, dry milk, baby's powdered formula, aerosols, sugar, medicine, soap for your clothes, the list goes on.

What is it that you want from the dump? You say security. Do you want the employees to dig through the garbage to see that it is safe?

Think about the nasty stuff that's in it. Why don't you help with security and suit up in your biogear, and the night before garbage pickup, go around and check your neighbors' garbage.

I'm not trying to be nasty, just logical. If you become really paranoid then the terrorists have won that war.

They will just sit back and watch us destroy ourselves with paranoia.

I think about that.

I'm not saying to ignore what's going on. I'm saying don't live your life looking for it. Enjoy your family, friends and life instead.

Brenda Tirrell, Spring Hill