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Council member should apologize

In response to Oldsmar City Council member Brian Michaels' Oct. 30 letter to the editor (Oldsmar should accept county offer, build housing), I believe he was completely out of order in writing such a letter.

As an elected member of the council, he is supposed to represent all the people of Oldsmar, whether or not they see eye to eye with him. He especially should not be sending such a letter to your newspaper, making assumptions and false accusations as to people's reasons for not wanting the Westminster apartment complex. Density and the impact on traffic and schools, not the racial background of the occupants, are the very real considerations here (which he appears to have disregarded when approving this proposal).

I believe that Michaels' constituents will take care of ending his "service" on the council in due course should he plan on running for re-election. Meanwhile, I believe Michaels owes an apology to the people of Oldsmar for writing the letter in the first place and his unfounded accusations regarding their intent.

Ellen E. Templeton, Oldsmar

New traffic light

is needed for safety

Re: Starkey light not the issue; It's getting poor drivers off the road, letter, Oct. 30, and Problem at intersection might be the complainers themselves, letter, Oct. 29.

It appears that these letters missed the mark regarding the need for a traffic light at Starkey and Willow roads for the residents of Island In The Sun Park.

The need for this light has nothing to do with 20-20 vision and senior citizens. Anyone can have perfect vision; however, anything obstructing the line of sight will impair even the ability of a person with perfect vision: vision blocked by drivers making U-turns, total disregard for the posted speed limit, failure to use proper signals and dark tinting on windows.

The posted speed limit on Starkey Road is 45 mph. It is common to see cars passing going anywhere from 50 to 70 mph or better. A traffic light would help to curb this excessive speed.

Senior citizens are a fact of life in Florida. With all the strides in health care, people are living longer. Many residents drive up north and back each year accident-free. My husband and I have had accident- and violation-free records for more than 10 years.

The old saying, "An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure," certainly rings true in the need for this traffic light. We have insurance for our cars and homes; and health care provides us with a degree of assurance that should the need arise, we will have help. A traffic light at Starkey and Willow roads would also provide a degree of assurance that residents can leave and return safely.

Blocked vision is not just a senior problem. It affects all of us. This need for a traffic signal has nothing to do with a senior citizen and 20-20 vision. It has to do with safety _ period.

Shirley Cochran, Largo

County should clear ditches

to stop spread of disease

Re: West Nile virus found in Pinellas, Nov. 3.

For more than six weeks, water has been standing in ditches along the Pinellas Trail between Rosery Road and the East Bay overpass.

Calls to the Pinellas Trail office, plus reports to personnel who patrol the trail, have been fruitless.

We who live near the trail are getting uncomfortable. Those ditches must be drained or we may soon suffer an invasion of mosquitoes.

Hugh Paulk, Belleair

Parade time was insensitive

to people attending church

In the Saturday Times we saw where the Largo Veterans Day program was scheduled for 11 a.m. Sunday, Nov. 11. What a pity the city doesn't consider those of us who attend church at that hour. The VA Medical Center didn't seem to have a problem having its event on Monday the 12th.

Joan A. McLead, Largo