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Florida joins two states in handgun agreement

Pennsylvania, Kentucky and Florida residents with concealed handgun permits are now permitted to carry their weapons in all three states.

Pennsylvania Attorney General Mike Fisher recently entered into an agreement with the Florida Department of Public Safety and the Kentucky State Police.

The three states have compatible firearms statutes. The agreement also means each state will provide verification of the authenticity and status of its licenses to the other states.

The Pennsylvania Sheriffs' Association has long supported the agreement. Lackawanna County Sheriff John Szymanski said his office gets many calls from residents asking how to legally transport their handguns in Florida and while en route.

No reciprocity agreement exists between Pennsylvania and other states, however, so firearms must still remain out of reach and unloaded while permit holders are driving to Florida or Kentucky from Pennsylvania, Szymanski said.

Orange City replaces segregated veterans roll

ORANGE CITY _ A nagging reminder of segregation has been removed from this small town north of Orlando with the replacement of a bronze plaque that listed Orange City's World War II veterans by race.

A new plaque with all 53 names in alphabetical order was unveiled at City Hall Monday, Veterans Day, to substitute for a marker that had listed 11 "colored" troops at the bottom.

"We served because we loved this nation more than it loved us," said black veteran David Durant.

Durant noticed the segregated plaque, dating from 1948, earlier this year and mentioned it to city officials. They removed it in July and accepted an offer from Deltona Memorial Funeral Home & Cemetery for a new one that cost $606.

The old plaque will remain in storage until the city establishes a historical museum where it can be displayed.

Boy accidentally shot by sister is recovering

PENSACOLA _ A 5-year-old boy was accidentally shot in the back by one of his sisters at a hunting camp in the Florida Panhandle.

Kurt Krueger of Lillian, Ala., was flown Sunday by helicopter about 75 miles from the camp near Bruce to Sacred Heart Children's Hospital in Pensacola. He was expected to recover and was listed in fair condition at the hospital Tuesday.

Kurt and the sister, who are two of a set of triplets, found a .44-caliber Magnum revolver in a case on the seat of a pickup truck owned by a family friend, Travis Montgomery, who had been firing the weapon earlier, Walton County sheriff's Sgt. Bill Price said.

A bullet from the gun passed through Kurt's body without striking any vital organs, Price said.

The children's parents, James and Tammy Krueger, had taken the triplets and a fourth child to the camp to set up for the hunting season, Price said.

Teen gets 25 years in fatal shooting

OCALA _ A judge sentenced a Ukrainian man to 25 years in prison for fatally shooting a classmate in Central Florida when he was 16 years old.

Circuit Judge William T. Swigert also sentenced Alexey Yuri Kholodkov, 18, to one year in prison for aggravated assault and time served for a concealed weapons charge.

A jury convicted Kholodkov of second-degree murder in September.

Kholodkov and friend Michael Kelley, 18, were originally charged with first-degree murder in the shooting death of Robert "Robbie" Lowrance. Kelley pleaded no contest to a reduced charge of manslaughter in exchange for testifying against Kholodkov in September.

Kelley said he planned to fight Lowrance on Oct. 25, 1999, but he did not know Kholodkov had a pistol.

Before the fight began, Kholodkov shot Lowrance five times.

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