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Let there be light at Kresge Christmas house

Re: Turn out the lights, Nov. 9.

First I must say God bless Ted and Kim Kresge for keeping the spirit of Christmas alive for so many years.

My first experience of visiting the Christmas house was just a couple of years ago, while I was visiting a friend. One night he asked me to take a walk to see a house decorated with Christmas lights. At first I was reluctant to go, thinking, "When you've seen one house decorated with lights, you have seen them all." But I gave in and as we got closer I could hear the laughter of little children and I could sense the excitement in the air. As I approached the house, I was simply in awe of the beauty of the lights. This was the first time since I was a little kid that I truly had felt the magic of Christmas.

Since that night I have taken my mom, dad, brother and sister-in-law and watched their faces as they got closer to the lights and as they, too, stood there in amazement.

I am shocked and heartbroken that there will be no lights this year. How can two neighbors of only five months stop the lights? Can't the city do something? In this year of terrorism are we going to let two people stop 100,000 people from seeing the lights? Please, let there be light.

Dave Laycock, Gulfport

Lights brought joy in a troubled world

I found it sad to read about the family in St. Petersburg that is giving up a nearly 25-year tradition of decorating their house with thousands of lights for the holidays. Not only did the display give them pleasure, but it gave pleasure to the thousands who came to see it.

As a child I can remember the annual ride around town to see all the pretty lights and the happy feeling we kids had seeing all of the wonderful displays. My husband and I still ride around our area at Christmastime to see the lights.

Such a simple way to express joy and good will in a sad, troubled world. Maybe the neighbors there should stop and smell the roses instead of finding fault with simple pleasures.

Carol Gill, Daytona Beach

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