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Poundstone briefly jailed

Paula Poundstone spent half of Tuesday in jail, sent there by a judge after relapsing at a drug and alcohol rehabilitation center where she was sent after pleading no contest to child endangerment.

The comedian was taken out of a Santa Monica, Calif., courtroom in handcuffs after she admitted violating probation, then was brought back later in the day.

"I always let people have a break on the first violation," Superior Court Judge Bernard Kamins told her. But, he said, "To me, this is a relapse rather than just a slip."

Prosecutor Gina Satriano said outside court that Kamins' actions are common in such cases. Defense attorney Steven Cron said Poundstone was doing well before the violation.

The treatment program alerted Kamins that Poundstone suffered a relapse involving the use of unprescribed drugs or medications, Satriano said. Attorneys would not elaborate.

In court, Kamins said Poundstone's psychiatrist recently removed her from all medications, including antidepressants.

Buck trial stopped

The judge in R.E.M. guitarist Peter Buck's air-rage trial dismissed the jury Tuesday and didn't set a retrial date. Buck, 44, is charged with assault and drunken behavior aboard a British Airways flight from Seattle to London in April. He denies the charges. On the trial's second day in London, Judge John Crocker told jurors, "matters have arisen which necessitate that this trial cannot proceed at the moment. . . . I can tell you no more, I am afraid."

Sick bay

Ozzy Osbourne slipped in the shower, broke a leg and kept touring for a week before going to the doctor, who found a stress fracture. He's resting. . . . Detroit Symphony Orchestra music director Neeme Jarvi, who had surgery to repair an aneurysm after a July attack, will return to lead the orchestra in three concerts this month. . . . Carol Channing, 80, was rehearsing for a tribute to Hello, Dolly! composer Jerry Herman when she lost her balance and fell off a platform last weekend in Los Angeles. Channing broke an arm, chipped a shoulder bone and cut her head. She was treated at a hospital and released. . . . After 2{ weeks of vocal rest, Craig Bierko was scheduled to return to star in Broadway's Thou Shalt Not on Tuesday, said. Bierko ruptured a vocal cord opening night, Oct. 25, when he was hit in the larynx during a fight scene.

Movie update

Because of late changes made by theater management, movie times for Regency 20 in Brandon are incorrect in today's Taste section. Please call the theater for correct times.