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Residents report seeing coyotes and wolves

Several residents have called Animal Services recently to report coyotes or wolves in their neighborhoods.

Robert Smith, 39, of Oak Manor Court north of Masaryktown reported seeing a wolf on Saturday. He told authorities the wolf seemed docile, but roamed freely through yards. Animal Services did not come to get the wolf, according to a report.

County Animal Services director Jim Varn said his office did not do so because the wolf had disappeared. He said his office picked up two hybrid wolves last weekend but someone claimed them. He said he believed the wolves had killed a goose and startled neighbors.

Varn said several residents near Linden Drive had reported seeing a coyote, but his workers did not see it while driving through the area. Residents said the animal looked skinny or sick, but had not been aggressive toward them, Varn said.

"We've got coyotes all over this county," Varn said. Call 796-5062 to report any strange animal behavior.