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"Maybe It's Me' Christian singer really is one

On the WB's Maybe It's Me, Patrick Levis plays a wanna-be Christian rock star. The catch is _ his character is not very divorced from reality.

"There's an awful lot of similarities between my character and myself actually," Levis says. "I actually am a Christian and I do play the guitar, and I am trying to get myself working up a band and writing some songs and stuff."

"I want to use my music and glorify God with it. I do have a desire to be in a Christian band, but not like a rock star kind of thing."

On the Friday night series, Levis plays Grant, the brother of lead character Molly Stage (Reagan Dale Neis), who occasionally breaks into song about the glory of God _ much to the delight of Mia, Molly's Jewish best friend. While it appears that the fact that Grant is an aspiring Christian rock singer is the brunt of the joke, Levis argues that, instead, the joke is the way he goes about it.

"His life choice in being a Christian is what makes him funny because he's so passionate about it," Levis explains.

While Levis doesn't write the lyrics to the songs, which he calls "cheesy," he does write the music and sing them.

"The writers write them because my character, which I hope is (also) a lot unlike me, isn't that deep when it comes to lyrics. When he writes lyrics it's generally very shallow and cheesy. That's what makes it funny."

As to whether he has a problem poking fun at something close to his heart, Levis says he doesn't as long as it doesn't put down those values.

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