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Sergeant accidentally shoots self during training

Published Sep. 10, 2005

A 16-year Pasco sheriff's veteran accidentally shot herself in the foot Wednesday afternoon while undergoing her annual firearms certification at the agency's firing range.

Corrections Sgt. Juanita Brzycki, 52, was taken to Community Hospital of New Port Richey, where she was being treated and in fair condition, a hospital spokesperson said Wednesday evening.

"She's in good spirits, and it's not a life threatening wound," sheriff's spokesman Kevin Doll said.

Brzycki was preparing to fire her .40 caliber semiautomatic handgun about 2:10 p.m., Doll said.

There were about 18 deputies at the range on the Pasco-Hernando Community College campus on U.S. 41, just north of State Road 52.

"They were just firing one shot to get the feel of the weapon," Doll said.

"They were on the firing line. She pulled the weapon out of the holster. Her finger hit the trigger. It went off."

The bullet grazed her right thigh and went through her right foot, Doll said.

All deputies must be certified every year for each weapon they use, Doll said. During the one-day sessions they practice firing the weapons from different positions in different scenarios.

Doll said there will be an internal investigation into Wednesday's shooting.

"We don't comment on that until the investigation is complete," he said.

Sheriff's employees at the range declined to comment on the incident Wednesday.

It marks the sheriff's second mishap there in the past year and a half.

Last July a deputy training at the same facility was seriously injured when a cartridge jammed in his pistol and exploded as he tried to clear it. The blast ripped a hole in his left hand.

That deputy, Mark Loffredo, has not rejoined the force and is receiving workers' compensation, Doll said.

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