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This week's answer: Stephen Miller of Treasure Island knew that the backing band Alice Cooper used on his 1975 solo Welcome to My Nightmare was the very same talented bunch of musicians Lou Reed employed for the 1974 classic Rock 'n' Roll Animal. (And, yes, trivia buffs, some of those guys, namely guitarists Steve Hunter and Dick Wagner, also played on Reed's 1973 Berlin.)

This week's question: Speaking of Lou Reed, his old band the Velvet Underground is back in the news with the recent release of the live triple disc The Velvet Underground, Bootleg Series, Volume 1: The Quine Tapes, recorded (by future punk guitar legend Robert Quine) at various 1969 gigs.

On these recordings multi-instrumentalist Doug Yule replaces an original member of the band. To enter your name in the random drawing for the Weekend T-shirt, tell me who Yule replaced.

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