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These three should make it interesting

Call it the 3A Threesome: East Bay's Lindsey Moffenbier, King's Laura Bowerman and Plant's Mallory Giordano.

Separately, they are three of the best runners in this weekend's Class 3A state cross country meet at Ed Radice Park. Together, they are perhaps the most formidable trio from any county in the state.

And the best part is you never know who's going to come out on top.

Being the lone senior of the group, Moffenbier came into the season as the runner everyone was watching. Giordano, the junior, was expected to make some noise while Bowerman, a sophomore who finished 43rd at state last year, has just kind of slipped under the radar until recently.

Moffenbier held up her end through the first part of the season, winning every meet she entered. Then came the Pre-State Meet on Oct. 13 when Bowerman sneaked past her to finish ninth. Moffenbier was 10th that day, 12 seconds back and Giordano was 11th.

Moffenbier regained her lead 10 days later at the Western Conference Championships, beating the second-place Bowerman by 23 seconds while Giordano was fourth.

The past two weeks, it has been Giordano making her mark.

She won districts by four seconds over Moffenbier while Bowerman was fourth and then followed that up with a 3-second win over Moffenbier at regionals last week while Bowerman was third, 5 seconds behind.

The question now is whose turn is it?