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Favorite frames of 2001

For years, photojournalists have strived to take pictures that tell stories. Especially here at the Times, gone are the days when photos were thought of as filler. We are constantly looking for opportunities to visually report life as we see it. For insight into why we take some of the picture we do, check out the photos and captions below and on page 6. You'll see our photographers' favorite images from 2001 along with their reasons for selecting them. We hope our photographs inspire you and tell your stories. To help us do that better, we invite you to contact us. If you have an idea, please contact us at (727) 445-4150. 0r send an e-mail to

_ BOYZELL HOSEY, senior photo editor.

Su Quinn stands on the corner of Greenwich Street and Duane Street in lower Manhattan as smoke rises from the remains of building number 7 of the World Trade Center. She wears a Statue of Liberty outfit she made herself. Photographer Carrie Pratt says: "When I entered this scene near ground zero and started taking photographs, I knew that New York City would persevere. The photograph gives me a sense of pride amid adversity, and I very much enjoyed watching this artist share hers."

Sunset Sam, the Clearwater Marine Aquarium's Atlantic bottlenosed dolphin puts his last brush strokes on a fiberglass turtle in August, part of the Tour of Turtles fundraising event.

Photographer Jim Damaske said: "Sunset Sam was so well known in the Clearwater area; now that he has died, this recent photo of him is special to me."