Published March 20, 2002|Updated Sept. 2, 2005

METROPOLITAN TIMOTHEOS, 63, of Corfu, who took part in recent landmark Greek Orthodox talks at the Vatican, died Friday in Athens, Greece, of a heart attack, church officials said. He was part of a delegation that held meetings with Pope John Paul II and other Vatican officials on global issues such as bioethics and religious freedom.

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SYLVESTER "PAT" WEAVER, 93, who created NBC's Today and Tonight shows, died Friday in Santa Barbara, Calif. He brought opera and a flurry of new commercials to TV and shaped the way Americans watched the infant medium. He worked at NBC from 1949, when there were only 2-million TV sets in the country, until 1956, when he resigned as chairman of the board. When he joined NBC, TV was run on the radio model. Mr. Weaver had the network produce its own shows and then sell commercial time to several advertisers, helping fund the medium.

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