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In lively pursuit of the undead

One of the coolest splatter flicks in recent years was Blade, starring Wesley Snipes as a buff vampire slayer slashing through an underground of the undead. That movie began with one of the most memorable bloodbaths ever, a rave nightclub drenched in violence. Now comes Blade II, again featuring Snipes, his striking wardrobe and an unforgettable buzzsaw-boomerang. For once, a sequel has some reason to exist. Even better, the director's chair has been turned over to Guillermo del Toro, a Mexican filmmaker who created the atmospheric vampire piece Cronos and the witty cockroach thriller Mimic. No telling what kind of nightmares del Toro will dream up for this one. In Blade II, Snipes' character becomes an ally with the bloodsuckers he tracked in the first movie because there are more evil creatures afoot. Blade II was screened too late for Weekend review.

The girls down the hall

Tom Hanks is still trying to live down dressing up in drag in the sitcom Bosom Buddies. What makes Harland Wilson, Barry Watson and Michael Rosenbaum think it's such a great career move? That trio of fools co-star as Sorority Boys, campus losers kicked out their dorm and forced to disguise themselves as women and live in a sorority house. So, expect lots of bathroom confusion, clumsy voyeurism and male characters who don't see through the ruse and flirt with the fakers. Wilson may be good for a few laughs, if he's working in There's Something About Mary mode and not Rocketman. Sorority Boys is rated R, so all sense of decorum is tossed out the window. The film wasn't previewed for Weekend review.

_ STEVE PERSALL, Times film critic