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Pastor should pray for some understanding

Editor: Re: Pastor says county overexposed to fleshpots, March 13 Times:

The Rev. Mike Frazier's blanket condemnation of Miss Kitty's Hilltop Lounge as a den of iniquity, as well as many of the adult(?) businesses in the three counties to the south of Hernando and even our own county parks, sounds to me like he was piously shooting from the hip. I cannot condemn him for exercising his right to free speech.

However, my religious upbringing taught me I should not condemn lest I also be condemned. Other teachings say until I have lived the life of others or walked in their shoes, I am not fit to judge.

I have met many folks in the area who own or work in the businesses condemned by the reverend. These people are neighbors of yours and mine; some attend the same places of worship as us. They are striving to support families, education, lifestyle and to pay the same type bills we all do. They are nice people.

Rather than running to the County Commission with a cheering section and asking to have Miss Kitty's license revoked, and for the commission to write more ordinances governing lifestyles that would serve his moral interests, I would suggest a couple of things that might help him.

First, I would ask the pastor to sit down in a quiet, private place and ask himself why he was cruising around the bar at 11 p.m. long enough to see a purported bare rump and to determine that it was on a male stripper. Was it valid, or voyeurism?

Then I suggest something I do on a daily basis. When I do, say or see things that don't meet my personal values, I get down on my knees and ask my God to forgive my transgressions against not only him, but my fellow man. To teach me and help me to understand the actions of others that may not have my values. I leave in his hands those things over which I have no control.

This works wonders for the body, soul and mind.

Allan Tyler, Spring Hill

That's some job description

for county administrator

Editor: Re: McIntosh gets severance package, March 20 Times:

Wow! Imagine looking through the help-wanted ads and finding something like this:

"Wanted: Individual who will flout the law, thumb their nose at resident voters, get goodies like dinners, trips, golf games, etc., and then get a $65,000 severance package for having done so. Breaking the rules and codes of ethics encouraged, as the county would rather settle out of court than fire you. After all, the county can't afford to be principled over such trivial issues. In addition, the county will agree to pay all qualified applicants for an entire month with no obligation for the applicant to come to work."

Only in Hernando County, I guess.

Vilmar Tavares, Spring Hill