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Published Sep. 2, 2005

THE LATEST FROM THE MAGIC KINGDOM: The producers' pitch: We want to do a TV movie that's a true coming-of-age story about a teenage boy who's a little different but still going through, in some ways, all the things every kid goes through, like dealing with adolescence, sex and your dad.

The subject: Prince William.

The network that thought this was a good idea: ABC, which will air the movie Oct. 13 as part of the Wonderful World of Disney.

"Any time you go near the royal family or celebrities of that ilk, it terrifies you that you're going to do something that will feel exploitative or just tabloidish or scandal-mongering," David Madden, executive VP of Fox TV Pictures, tells the Hollywood Reporter.

But that didn't stop him.

Presumably to help relieve the terror, the story will begin right after the 1997 death of William's mother, Princess Diana. That robs the Disney people of scenes that re-create Diana's Disney World trip with William and younger brother Harry (oh, wait . . . flashbacks). And that still leaves the problem of Camilla Parker Bowles, but the pitch didn't include "you dad's lover" as one of the things the boy has to deal with.

The movie, tentatively titled Prince William, is scheduled to be filmed this summer in England or Ireland _ after a search is held to find the perfect British boy to play William.

MR. MARCH HE'S NOT: U.N. Secretary General and Nobel Prize winner Kofi Annan wants everyone to know he was tricked into doing a Q&A that appears in the March Penthouse _ between the articles "Sex, Blood and Videotape" and "Pimp's Confession," and a page-turn away from the centerfold.

In a letter to the United Nations staff reported by the New York Daily News, Annan spokesman Fred Eckhard wrote: "The spokesman's office was as surprised and dismayed as you were" to see the interview.

Two interviews given to al-Wasat, an Arab-language magazine in London, were sold to Penthouse without his or Annan's knowledge, Eckhard wrote.

POSTSCRIPT: Given all the huffing and puffing, it would have been nice if Annan had actually talked to the reporter, Russell Warren Howe, for the Q&A. Eckhard says Howe talked to Annan spokesman Edward Mortimer, and Annan okayed the Q&A, which is about terrorism and the Mideast.

Howe tells the Daily News: "Eckhard suggested that to save time, I do a voice interview with Edward Mortimer, whose responses could be attributed to Mr. Annan."

WE'RE NO. 3: The year's top three concert grosses, through March 12:

1. $2,200,080, Korn, Linkin Park, Static-X. Foro Sol, Mexico City, March 2.

2. $976,058, Neil Diamond, First Union Arena, Wilkes-Barre, Pa., March 3-4.

3. $975,743, Neil Diamond, Ice Palace, Feb. 16.

(Diamond also holds spots 4 through 10.)

FOREVER IN BLUE JEANS: Classic five-pocket jeans in a basic blue wash signals an all-American woman, InStyle magazine says.