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Where are our parkway updates?

Editor: I am very disappointed with the way the Florida Department of Transportation is not sending the Suncoast Parkway Project Phase 2 updates to all of the people who own property or live in the parkway study area.

It was agreed upon at the first public advisory meeting on Feb. 19 that all addresses would be retrieved from the property appraiser's listings in order to fulfill the mailing list requirements.

This is the study period for the parkway and the public, especially property owners in the study area of the affected county, to have the right to review the information that will affect their investments.

The DOT states it needs input from the public and that it values what the public has to offer, but it is clearly falling short of disseminating the proper information.

It appears the public will be affected in a fashion similar to a "sideswipe" if the officials in charge continue to give the impression of working underhandedly.

The study period will be over and the public will not know what hit them until it is too late.

If this is to be a true above-board study period, then the DOT needs to fulfill its obligation for information to flow correctly.

Kay Girard, Lecanto

Printing past indiscretions was unfair to a fine family

Editor: Re: Arrests spur Little League review, March 17 Times:

I cannot believe the audacity of your newspaper to print an article about someone and bring up past indiscretions that were never prosecuted.

I am speaking of the article that was written about Rufus Miniard, with no consideration for his wife or children.

The things you wrote had to be a total embarrassment for them. His children go to school here and I cannot imagine what they have to put up with because of that article.

I am sure there is a way to print a factual article without smearing someone's reputation. To print the details of what took place in 1996 was totally uncalled for since he was never charged with anything. There must be a reason that they didn't charge him.

Also, his only conviction, according to the article, was in 1980. He was a young man in his early 20s at that time.

I am sure most of us have something from our past, when we were young and stupid, that we wish we could erase. He has paid his dues, so get over it.

Your article made it sound as if he was a sex offender. This man would never do anything to harm a child. You did, to your credit, at least acknowledge that he supports the athletic league financially. Wow! You gave that one whole paragraph.

He is always there for the kids with money, support and time. Every time the league or schools need a sponsor he is among the first called. He never says no to them.

I think you could have expounded a little more on his attributes rather than smearing his name.

My grandson has played on Mr. Miniard's football team and he goes to his house quite regularly because he is friends with Mr. Miniard's son. I have nothing but the greatest admiration and respect for this man.

I have lived in this county for 27 years. I am a Realtor in this county and I go to church in this county. I meet many people new to the area on a daily basis and I will tell them all what a rag your paper is and tell them not to read it.

Judi Browning, Crystal River

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