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Lecavalier not going anywhere, GM Feaster says

Published Sep. 2, 2005

Another day, another Vinny Lecavalier rumor.

This time it was that reported in a Thursday posting that the Lightning's 21-year-old center "is as good as gone."

Tampa Bay general manager Jay Feaster said he is at the point where the only way to deal with reports Lecavalier will be traded is to joke about them. What is no joke is Feaster's pique with rumors he says have not been checked with any but unnamed sources.

"What I find to be absolutely incredible is that these people don't take the time to call the source. I never heard from this guy," he said of the writer. "I find it amazing they don't take the time to call the general manager and find out what the GM's position is. I think it's the most irresponsible journalism in the world."

Feaster reiterated he will not trade Lecavalier.

"I don't know what we need to do to get that message across," he said.

Feaster asked why the team would trade Lecavalier when an aborted attempt by Rick Dudley created such tension between he and team president Ron Campbell that Dudley resigned as GM.

"What frustrates me is the organization has been pretty clear this whole issue was one of the breaking points as it related to making a change at GM," Feaster said. "Now the trade deadline has come and gone and nothing has happened, so it's "wait till the draft.' The draft will come and go with nothing."