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Prisoner insults judge, then earns additional jail time

Edwin Howard Humphrey wasn't on his best behavior when he went before a judge Wednesday on a misdemeanor charge of criminal mischief.

Maybe there's a reason: Today, Humphrey is expected to be sentenced to life in prison without parole for a botched motel robbery last summer. Humphrey, 22, also faces a first-degree murder charge that could bring a death sentence. And he potentially faces more life sentences in connection with the carjacking and kidnapping of a cab driver.

On Wednesday, Humphrey appeared before County Judge William Sestak on a charge that he destroyed the light fixture in his cell at the county jail in Land O'Lakes.

Humphrey did not help his cause. During the video conference from the jail, his sarcastic and profane answers to the judge's questions earned him 179 days in jail _ to be served after he completes his life sentence.

The following is a transcript of the hearing:

County Judge William Sestak: "Mr. Humphrey, do you have a lawyer on a charge of criminal mischief?"

Edwin Humphrey: "No."

Sestak: "Do you presently have a lawyer for something else?"

Humphrey: "Yeah."

Sestak: "Who is your lawyer?"

Humphrey: "Which one?"

Sestak: "I don't know sir, how many lawyers do you have?"

Humphrey: "Four."

Sestak: "Do you want a lawyer to represent you on a criminal mischief charge?"

Humphrey: "No."

Sestak: "Do you wish to give up your right to a lawyer?"

Humphrey: "Yeah."

Sestak: "Okay, Mr. Humphrey, we'll indicate that that's a waiver. And Mr. Humphrey, we'll leave the bond at $500. You understand that, sir?"

Humphrey: "You're not going to ROR me?" (ROR is legal jargon for being released without having to post bail).

Sestak: "You want me to ROR you on it, Mr. Humphrey?"

Humphrey: "Yeah, go ahead and ROR me."

Sestak: "Okay, if I ROR you, Mr. Humphrey, because you're in custody on all those other charges I've read about, you won't any get credit (for time served) for this charge."

Humphrey: "I don't care."

Sestak: "You don't care? If you don't care, I don't care. And if you don't care, I'm not going to ROR you. Have a nice day."

Humphrey: "F--- you."

Sestak: "Yes sir. Mr. Humphrey, come on back. Mr. Humphrey come back. Mr. Humphrey show cause why I should not hold you in direct criminal contempt for saying "F--- you' to the judge."

Humphrey: "'Um, cuz you can s--- my d---, is that good enough?"

Sestak: "Okay, that's good. Mr. Humphrey, I'm going to find you in willful criminal contempt of court, okay. I'm going to sentence you to 179 days in the county jail. You have 30 days in which to appeal what I have done, Mr. Humphrey. If you do not start the appeal within 30 days, you're going to lose your right to appeal. You understand that Mr. Humphrey?"

Humphrey: "Yeah. That runs concurrent to my life sentence, right?"

Sestak: "No sir. I'm going to run it consecutive to your life sentence."