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Jack successfully sidesteps a query by Diane

THE YOUNG AND THE RESTLESS: Jack avoided a straight answer when Diane asked if he wanted more than visitation rights with Kyle. Ashley and Brad learned that her mammogram showed a mass in her breast and that she would have to undergo a biopsy. Raul and Brittany were surprised by a kiss when they were rehearsing for her play. Mary paid a surprise visit to Chris in Australia to beg her to return to Genoa City to save Paul from Isabella. Next week: Chris faces her conflicting feelings about Paul.

ALL MY CHILDREN: Anna helped a rage-filled David deal with Jake's promotion at the hospital by hinting that he (David) could still win. Ryan accused Kendall of chasing after Chris to hurt Erica. Later, Erica was shaken to see Kendall kissing Chris. Leo sobbed as he watched Vanessa race around the hospital while Proteus' voice resounded in her head. Anna's operative told her about Dixie's pregnancy. Liza disappeared before she could get help for her blinding headaches. Next week: Vanessa gets a shocking surprise.

AS THE WORLD TURNS: Molly's life turned on the presence of a toy. Paul and Rose had a bittersweet reunion. Jack confronted Craig and put him in his place. Hal decided to take matters into his own hands. Next week: Craig and Brandy agree on a deal. Lisa lets Isaac know where to find Bonnie. A set of keys raises suspicions.

THE BOLD AND THE BEAUTIFUL: Sally learned how Massimo had been using their relationship to keep her quiet about Ridge being his son, and she vowed to bring down him and Stephanie. Later, a gloating Sally got Stephanie to agree to be her "slave" in exchange for her (Sally's) silence. Ridge feared his hand injury would end his designing career. Meanwhile, Amber's career blossomed when Bob Barker ordered dresses from her Ambrosia line for his models on The Price is Right. Next week: Whip has another "demand" for Deacon and Brooke.

DAYS OF OUR LIVES: After learning that Sami and Austin would marry in Las Vegas, Colin and Elizabeth also decided to wed there. Later, Colin made a mysterious call to explain that he is marrying Elizabeth so she can inherit her dying grandfather's business. Victor feared Nicole might turn down his proposal because of her feelings for Austin, and he (Victor) vowed to send Austin off to Hawaii sooner than anyone expected. Philip's agitation piqued Chloe's curiosity about the tape from Cynthia. Next week: Brandon and Jennifer consider spending the night together.

GENERAL HOSPITAL: Luke feared for Laura's safety now that Helena was on the loose. Meanwhile, Helena confronted a shocked Gia in the stables and demanded she (Gia) bring her $500,000 from the safe immediately. Nikolas joined with Luke in the search for Helena and repeated her riddle about the sun and the dark of the moon. Sarah told Elizabeth that she should fight to regain Lucky's love. Alan agreed to help AJ and Courtney escape capture by Sonny and his men. Next week: Nikolas faces some harsh facts.

GUIDING LIGHT: Catalina decided that committing blackmail was in her best interest. Beth and Philip were squeezed into a tight situation, making it difficult for them to avoid reconnecting with each other. Blake was unable to believe that her nemesis was gone. Mel was introduced to the Bauer family. Next week: Carmen and Edmund draw closer to each other.

ONE LIFE TO LIVE: Troy told Lindsay that unless she confessed to her crimes, he would reveal the truth about Jen's pregnancy test. Viki asked Rae to help her bring Niki out so she could learn what hold her alter ego has over her. Gabrielle was shocked to see Al standing up. Sam watched Nora being attentive to Troy and rushed off to a bar to drown his sorrows. He was soon joined by Blair, who had just learned that she and Todd were being investigated for "endangering" Starr. Next week: Viki gets news from Niki.

PASSIONS: Ivy and Rebecca attacked Theresa when her lawyer ordered them to leave the Crane mansion. Luis suggested that Beth accompany him on the free trip to Bermuda. Grace sensed the presence of her twin sister, Faith, who had come to encourage Timmy to save her daughter, Charity. Meanwhile, the scroll told Tabitha that Timmy faced a bleak future. Unaware of the danger involved, Kay began chanting a spell to destroy Zombie Charity, whom she feared was taking Miguel from her. Once again, Diana (Sheridan) believed Luis had saved her from drowning. Next week: Timmy is in danger.

PORT CHARLES: Amy reeled when Chris remarked on her resemblance to her father and how she must be ashamed of what he had done. Ricky believed Casey left him because of the knife slashes on his face. The portrait of Alison's great-great-great-grandmother vanished. Paige, Kevin and Lucy arrived in London, where Lucy found an "intriguing" name in Paige's family history. Ian was puzzled about seeing Ed's photo on a travel brochure. Next week: It's Judgment Day in Port Charles.

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