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Question: I loved Jason Gedrick in Falcone and I saw him in Dare to Love on Lifetime. What he is doing now? Will he be doing anymore movies or TV sitcoms? Also, who sang the song At Last that was played in Dare to Love when Gedrick danced with Josie Bisset?

Answer: Gedrick appeared on ABC's Philly this past week as Kim Delaney's brother. Besides the 2000 police drama Falcone, he also starred in The Last Don miniseries and its sequel. That was Etta James' rendition of At Last in the 1995 Dare to Love movie.

Question: Do you have an address for Banyan Productions, producers of the show Trading Spaces? I don't see the address when they run the credits.

Answer: If you and a neighbor are interested in being on the show, you must submit an application. Call the Trading Spaces application hotline at (215) 928-2307, or sign up online at The Trading Spaces Web site also has information on the various room re-dos that have been featured on the show. If you prefer to write, here's the address: Banyan Productions, 225 Arch St., Philadelphia, PA 19100.

Question: I am a huge fan of Farscape. Has it been canceled?

Answer: Sci Fi won't turn its back on the popular "Farscape" series, the intergalactic fantasy from Jim Henson Television. Season 3 will come to a close with new episodes in April, and Sci Fi has committed to a fourth and fifth season. Tune in Fridays, starting April 5, for new episodes, with the season finale scheduled for April 26.

Question: Two of my older relatives were in World War II. One fought in the Battle of the Bulge. Neither has HBO and I'd like to tape Band of Brothers for them to watch. Does HBO plan to rerun the series? If so, when will it be?

Answer: The 10-part miniseries returns next month for an encore run on HBO. Band of Brothers tells the story of Easy Company, the 506th Regiment of the 101st Airborne Division, U.S. Army. The first two episodes air on April 8, with subsequent episodes continuing on Mondays.

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