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That's Oscar posing like Russell Crowe in A Beautiful Mind, working out the formulas for tonight's best picture nominees. How many of those calculations can you decipher? Extra credit for anyone who figured out that Oscar wrote those formulas backward from his perspective so we can see them correctly through the window.

_ Steve Persall, Times film critic

GOSFORD PARK: "Servants are not equal to masters, (divided by) Alt (symbol for) man (therefore) 46 roles (since Robert Altman deals in ensemble pieces).

THE LORD OF THE RINGS: Just some Middle-earth gibberish.

A BEAUTIFUL MIND: "Opie (director Ron Howard's childhood moniker from TV's Andy Griffith Show) minus (Aunt) Bee (same show) multiplied by Massachusetts Institute of Technology (where Crowe's character John Forbes Nash taught) divided by the Pentagon (leads to) genius overwrought."

IN THE BEDROOM: Parents divided by grief, lovers divided by an ex-husband leads to In the Bedroom. (NDBDRM reads like a vanity license plate.)

MOULIN ROUGE: Can squared (Can-Can) is greater than infinite sin (actually pronounced "sine" in the mathemtical sense, but it looks good), divided by two cutie pies (Nicole Kidman and Ewan McGregor).