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Coach Williams: Kansas isn't soft

DOUBLE DOMINANCE: For the first time in school history, Oregon has a Pac-10 championship in men's basketball and football in the same academic year. Only eight times has one Pac-10 school won the outright title in football and men's basketball: UCLA in 1955-56, 1961-62 and 1982-83; California in 1923-24 and 1958-59, Southern Cal in 1929-30 and 1939-40, and Oregon in 2001-02.

"Being that I graduated from Oregon and seeing how far football has come, it's just been great times to see the football program and all of their success," Kent said.

"And we certainly have talked about that as a basketball program, to be able to take our program to that level as well. And having the opportunity to do that this year I just think it sends a very bold statement about the University of Oregon and the athletic department's commitment to excellence, and about the community."

GOLFING BUDDIES: Jerry Green, Oregon's coach from 1992-97, was an assistant to Williams and still is a close friend of his former boss.

"He's a Roy Williams fan," Williams said, "If I had a brother, I couldn't have a brother that would mean more to me than Jerry Green. But at the same time . . . he's an Oregon fan as well."

So where did Williams expect his friend's loyalties to be? "My guess is that he will be pulling for Kansas just a little more than Oregon," Williams said, "because he's my golf partner in the spring and summer."