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Colombia catches 2 suspected rebels

The Colombian army on Saturday captured two suspected rebels accused of hijacking a jetliner to kidnap a senator onboard _ an incident that escalated the country's 38-year civil war.

The Feb. 20 attack prompted the Colombian government to end three years of peace talks with the Revolutionary Armed Forces of Colombia, or FARC.

Soldiers captured the two suspected FARC members and four others during a military operation in Ibague, 80 miles southwest of the capital of Bogota.

In separate operations, security forces captured 11 other rebels and five members of a rival rightist paramilitary group.

Philippine troops kill five Muslim extremists

ZAMBOANGA, Philippines _ Philippine troops killed five Muslim rebels and saw an unidentified woman with the fleeing guerrillas, who are holding an American couple hostage on a southern island, military officials said.

The woman could be one of two female hostages held by the Abu Sayyaf guerrillas _ American missionary Gracia Burnham and Filipino nurse Ediborah Yap _ or she could be a supporter or wife of a rebel, said Maj. Noel Detoyato, a regional military spokesman.

Burnham and her husband, Martin, also held by the rebels, were abducted last May from a southwestern island resort, where the couple were celebrating their anniversary.

In Saturday's fighting, rebel commander Bakal was injured in the village of Landungan in Basilan province's Lantawan town, where 12 U.S. Special Forces are deployed for a counterterrorism drill, officials said.

Two civilians killed in Kashmir grenade attack

SRINAGAR, India _ Assailants fired a rifle-propelled grenade at an Indian border force bunker in Kashmir but missed, killing two people and injuring 12 others when the explosive landed on a busy road, police said.

The two people killed were civilians, as were eight of the 12 injured in the attack in Srinagar, said Chandan Singh, an inspector with the border force. Four Indian troopers were also injured.

It was the second grenade attack in two days. On Friday, assailants in Shopiyan, 30 miles south of Srinagar, threw grenades at a bus stop and a marketplace, wounding 52 people.

Elsewhere . . .

EGYPT: Eleven Railway Authority workers have been charged with gross negligence for a train fire that killed 361 people in Egypt's worst train disaster. The workers allegedly failed to ensure the train was equipped with functioning fire extinguishers, allowed too many passengers onboard and didn't apply the train's breaks as it traveled for 15 minutes in flames.

LEBANON: A seven-story building collapsed into a pile of rubble Saturday, killing four people and crushing cars on one of this capital's main thoroughfares. At least one person was injured, and there were fears that more victims could be in the debris.

BOSNIA: Forensic experts exhumed 18 bodies of Muslims killed in Bosnia during the country's 1992-1995 war. Jasmin Odobasic of the Muslim Commission for Missing Persons said the bodies were exhumed Friday around the village of Nova Kasaba near the town of Srebrenica, about 50 miles northeast of Sarajevo.