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Deputy sheriff shouldn't have been rehired

Editor: Re: Board urges deputy be rehired, March 21 Times:

Thanks to Hernando County Sheriff's Office Citizens Advisory Board member Mark Taylor for voting to fire Deputy Anthony Mazza.

Of course, the board member who was a police lieutenant from New Jersey considered beating up 79-year-old attorney Joseph Johnston Jr. acceptable. It is unbelievable how a panel could side with this deputy after viewing the photos of Mr. Johnston.

If Mazza is given his job back, all residents of Hernando County are in danger.

If Sheriff Richard Nugent reinstates him, and the county is involved in an expensive lawsuit, I hope the sheriff enjoys his one term in office.

Marilyn Bates, Brooksville

Critic's opinion is

just that, an opinion

Editor: As a former Stage West season ticket holder (four years), I would like to respond to Darlene Meyer's March 15 letter to the editor, Criticism of actors was unfair.

Times' Arts and Entertainment Editor Barbara Fredricksen's review of Carnival was not entirely critical. She gave credit to the main players and to the story. I would assess her comments to the "secondary players" as constructive criticism, an opportunity to improve the production. She did not malign any one person in particular.

The reason we are no longer season ticket holders is because the shows were becoming mediocre, with a few great exceptions.

The first year, the new building was filled almost to capacity and the shows and the acting were very good. After the second year, there were more and more empty seats in the audience. Many people were leaving after the first act (which is very rude and not acceptable). Because the success of community theater depends on receipts, I would think the production people would welcome constructive criticism.

The purpose of a movie critic, editor or columnist is to offer their opinion regarding a particular subject. It then becomes our job to accept or reject that opinion.

Marlene Brennan, Spring Hill

Just two fools in

a parking lot

Editor: Re: Parking spat turns ugly, March 10 Times:

Two fools discussing their version of the "Bill of Rights."

Lou Faiella, Spring Hill

Spring Hill needs

its own government

Editor: So, now we have Commissioner Chris Kingsley wanting a county administrator who will take a closer look at county rules.

"A closer look," mind you, not abide by them. It is my opinion that politics in Brooksville and Hernando County (one and the same) would make the Dalys of Chicago and the Boss Tweeds of New York City seem like angels.

Why did the commissioners give in to Paul McIntosh's demands so quickly and without any argument? Could it be that McIntosh knows more about gifts than Santa Claus? It looks to me like all the commissioners took gifts. Maybe that is why Waste Management got the contract over a lower bidder (remember that news item). Now Waste Management is getting another goodie in the pilot recycling program. Pilot, my eye. Spring Hill, ZIP Code 34608 is the guinea pig again.

These same commissioners want to add insult to injury by building subsidized housing right in the heart of one-family homes. We haven't enough apartments? Or do we turn this area into another slum?

Yet another wakeup call to the residents of Spring Hill to form our own city. This way, when we get ripped off, it will be by one of our own, not a commissioner elected out of our district in this antiquated method of elections.

One district, one commissioner, elected by that district, not five commissioners elected by all the voters. What does Ridge Manor know or care about Spring Hill, or vice versa? Not much.

A county commissioner accountable to his district's constituents would solve many of these situations.

Joseph O'Brien, Spring Hill