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Published Sep. 2, 2005

HMMM: In two weeks, coach Mike Davis has won more NCAA games than ex-Hoosiers coach Bob Knight has in his past seven tournaments, beating Utah, UNC Wilmington, Duke and Kent State to reach the Final Four.

DOWNTOWN: IU torched Illinois with a Big Ten-record 17 3-pointers in January.

NO LETDOWN THIS TIME: In 1984, Indiana upset top-ranked North Carolina in the East semis. It was Michael Jordan's last game and, seemingly, a sure ticket to the Final Four. Two days later, however, Virginia won 50-48.

NO REPEAT: Kent State beat IU in the first round last year. "They almost cost me my job last year," Davis said. "Watching the selection deal, there were two teams I didn't want to play _ that was Texas Tech and Kent State."

NO FIVE FOLD: Keep in mind, the Hoosiers are a No. 5 seed and no No. 5 seed has won the national title.

IU BEARS: The S&P has lost an average of 2.05 percent in the five years Indiana cut down the nets, including an ugly 15 percent loss in 1940 and a tumble of 9.7 percent in the recession year of 1981.