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It's better that Dunn left town

I read with great interest the article Goodbye Bucs and hello good buys by Gary Shelton (March 16). I believe Shelton is absolutely right about Warrick Dunn's departure to the Falcons.

Let's face it. Dunn is not an every-down running back. Dunn is not worth $28-million. He is an injured running back who ran for only 447 yards last season. If he is given the ball 20-25 times a game, as he wants, and runs up the middle, he will be stopped and eventually injured again. Then he will be a $28-million sideline spectator.

Shelton brought up a valid point. Do I cut Mike Alstott or Simeon Rice to keep Dunn? Absolutely not. Why? Because Alstott and Rice want to play for the Bucs. I'll take players who want to play for me over a prima donna any day.

I think Dunn has forgotten about all the loyal fans who went to Raymond James Stadium week after week, year after year, and paid big bucks to watch him play.

Dunn may have made a major mistake. He will be facing coach Monte Kiffin's defense at least twice a year, every year. He may find out that he really doesn't want to carry the ball 20-25 times a game.

Greg Engel


Gators tried

John Romano obviously never played college basketball. His commentary on Florida's ousting from the NCAA Tournament (They say they hurt. They better, March 16) is proof. The young men were definitely playing their hearts out. To suggest otherwise is preposterous! Florida had a great year. There were many, many good teams that were not invited to the dance.

Bob Schantz


Poor sportsmanship

I can't believe the NBA would allow Tim Hardaway to get away with throwing a TV monitor across the court. Darrell Armstrong picked it up and replaced it, which appeared noble. Now they have been asked to autograph the monitor and it will be auctioned for the benefit of the Orlando Magic Youth Organization.

How commendable. What a wonderful example of sportsmanship. If anything should be given to the Orlando Magic Youth Organization, it should be Tim Hardaway's salary for a year and his exclusion from the game for a minimum of a year. I think that would set a better example to our youth about proper behavior.

Beverly Woltz



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