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Officials want to retain tennis program director

(ran Beach edition)

City officials say they are so happy with tennis pro Phil Girardi that they want to make sure he doesn't get hired away by another program. On Tuesday, commissioners are expected to offer Girardi a contract to work as a city employee. Under the proposal, Girardi would continue to receive most of his salary based on a commission of his tennis program. But he would receive city benefits, including health insurance.

Girardi would serve as the city's head tennis professional and facility director for the Treasure Island Golf, Tennis and Recreation Center. He would supervise, direct and train the seven to 10 employees at the park and handle the sales, rentals and other services at the center. Under the contract, Girardi would earn 60 percent of the revenue from all tennis activities while the city receives 40 percent. He also would receive an annual salary of $5,000 along with the benefits package.

Fees for permits likely will go up

TREASURE ISLAND _ Fees for building, plumbing, mechanical and electrical permits likely will increase. The city currently charges a base permit fee of $25, plus $3 for every $1,000 of the project value. By raising that to $5 of project valuation, city officials say they can raise about $287,655 this year and put Treasure Island more in line with what other local cities are charging. Treasure Island's rates are among the lowest, according to City Manager Chuck Coward. The last fee increase was in 1996.

Coward suggested the city review its fees for services every five years.