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Protect domestic violence victims, their abused pets

Re: Dog beating added to inmate's troubles, March 19

Editor: One victim received a concussion, bruises, a broken nose and must wear a neck brace. The other victim of this crime is a defenseless dog named Buster. Buster received a severe head wound, a severely damaged left eye and broken jaw, allegedly caused by blows from a hammer.

The reason I feel this is worth repeating is because changes can be made to protect both these victims. A few weeks ago there was an article that reported on how different social service agencies were rationalizing funding requests. One such request was made by the Salvation Army Domestic Violence Shelter. It requested funding both to benefit human victims of abuse as well as for animals. Part of the request was to be able to build a kennel to accept animals that also need to flee a life of unprovoked anger and violence. Many victims are scared to leave their abusive lifestyle and leave a helpless animal behind. Many animals suffer additional abuse when the abuser realizes the victim has left.

Imagine what Buster must have been feeling between Friday when the abuse took place and Sunday when his owner was physically able to look for and obtain care for her dog. This dog was found under a tree, in the heat with a head injury and with a broken jaw that must have caused difficulty in allowing this dog to be able to lick and care for its own nourishment and attend to its own injuries.

I hope the Salvation Army Domestic Violence Shelter will continue its efforts to secure funding for this effort. I also hope others will step forward and work to make this need into a reality. How many of God's other creatures will need to suffer this horrible abuse before we take their needs seriously?

Angela Littlefield,

Gulfcoast Community Care

shelter manager

Strictly enforce animal cruelty laws

Re: Dog beating added to inmate's troubles, March 19

Editor: Many studies have shown a high correlation between animal abuse and violence toward humans. The Colbert case is yet another illustration.

Laws against animal cruelty must be strictly enforced.

Pat Bayers,

New Port Richey

County code enforcement no better

Re: Citywide cleanup needs to include neighbor's house, March 20 letter

Editor: The writer's comment "If this house was in the county it would have been done by now" must have been about a county other than Pasco.

I live in Holiday and have been trying for many months now to get a neighbor's property cleaned up. Did you know there is no ordinance to force a homeowner to clean up a filthy pool that breeds mosquitoes? Apparently, the place has been sold so perhaps improvement is near.

If so, it is no tribute to Pasco County Code Enforcement.

David L. Moon,


Kmart store staying; let's support it

Editor: Hooray, our Kmart store in New Port Richey on U.S. 19 decided to stay. I'll never again take our nearest pharmacy for granted. It is such a convenience as well as a real necessity.

This is a great time to thank them and to show our loyalty, let us do our shopping here, close to home.

Skip Gurney,

New Port Richey

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