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Suits filed

(Filings for Feb. 25-March 1, 2002)

Roger Alward vs. Bentley's of Hernando County Inc. and Richard Golder (other negligence).

Travelers Bank and Trust FSB vs. Monty George Farrell Sr., Unknown Spouse of Monty G. Farrell Sr., Mary Elizabeth Chiasson, Unknown Spouse of Mary Elizabeth Chiasson and John Doe (real property).

Mattie R. Johnson vs. Raymond Nelson (child support).

Veronica T. Graves vs. Wilson Morris (child support).

Miriam Smith vs. Quantavia Merriweather (child support).

Jacqueline R. Elber vs. Jason C. Jordan (child support).

Veronica Graves vs. Stanley R. Hunt (child support).

Karen M. Valure vs. Bruce W. Cutler (child support).

Christine A. Stewart vs. Leonard F. Schoen (child support).

Carly M. Vire vs. Michael T. Vire (child support).

United Plastic Group Inc. vs. Russell Catchpole and Michele Catchpole (other).

Sallie Mae Servicing LP vs. Drew D. Kycynka (other).

Chase Manhattan Mortgage Corp. vs. Claude I. Marcum and Unknown Persons in Possession (real property).

U.S. Bank National Association as Trustee vs. Lee J. Madison, Corinna K. Spencer, Gulf Title Distributors of Florida Inc. and Unknown Persons in Possession (real property).

Richard S. Gallina vs. Communication Equipment Services Corp. (products liability).

Bankers Trust Co. as Trust vs. Daniel Joseph Weeks, Linda Weeks and Unknown Tenants I-II (real property).

The Chase Manhattan Bank, Chase Bank of Texas NA and Texas Commerce Bank NA vs. Joseph E. Maiorini, Julie Maiorini and Unknown Tenants I-II (real property).

Mary L. Belanger vs. Christopher Belanger (child support).

Ashley Ludington vs. Glenda R. Ludington (child support).

Katina A. Bloch vs. Eric S. Bloch (child support).

Karen M. Valure vs. Christopher J. Curran (child support).

Doris E. Sinwell vs. Mariam M. Edwards (child support).

David E. Jordan vs. Angela R. Jordan (child support).

Kevin Gunderson vs. Equity One Mariner Inc., Equity One Realty and Management Inc., MCA Managing Co. Inc. and Mariners Crossing Associates LP (other negligence).

ABN AMRO Mortgage Group Inc. and Atlantic Mortgage and Investment vs. Edward G. Listort, Unknown Spouse of Edward G. Listort, Phyllis M. Listort, Unknown Spouse of Phyllis M. Listort, Howard L. Peel, Peel Roofing, John Doe and Jane Doe Unknown Tenants (real property).

Christi Mullen vs. Benjamin E. Wilson (child support).

Michael Manley Fulcher vs. Misty L. Chasner (other domestic relations).

Nationwide Mutual Insurance Co. and A To Z Investment Co. vs. John Crecimanno and Village Pizza Restaurant (other negligence).

Matt Platt, Jodi Platt and Jodi Ward vs. William J. Warden and Rebecca N. Warden (real property).

Dry N Right Reconstruction Inc. vs. Advanced Building Constructors Inc. and American Safety Casualty Insurance Company (contract and indebtedness).

Hernando HMA Inc. vs. John Milone (other).

Michael Combs, Susan Combs, Harrison Combs and Brenton Combs vs. Florida Trail Riders Inc., Calvin Wilson and Division of Forestry (other negligence).


Susan Potter and Stirling Potter vs. Wal-Mart Stores Inc. (other negligence).

Estate of Allen Usevich and Estelle Groppe vs. Atria Inc., Atria Communities Inc., Atria Heritage, Atria Hernando, The Heritage at Hernando and Jerry Miller (other negligence).

Centex Home Equity Corp. vs. Warren L. Wood, Deborah Ann Wood and Unknown Tenants I-II (real property).

Herman Vidal and Virginia Vidal vs. Scott G. Barbour (contract and indebtedness).

John T. Coffey vs. Winifred M. Coffey (dissolution of marriage).

Janine Harper Menchaca vs. Rolando Gonzalez Menchaca (dissolution of marriage).

Equicredit Corporation of America vs. Bart Gilkes and Unknown Persons in Possession (real property).


Denise L. Hulse vs. Joseph Engler (child support).

Greenpoint Credit Corp. vs. James K. Krell, Kennedy J. Krell and Unknown Tenants (replevins).

Edna Juanita Gonzalez vs. Robert Bruno Jr. (child support).

Brandi D. Tanner vs. James Goodson (child support).

Dissolutions of marriage filed

Dianne A. Pedicini vs. Thomas A. Pedicini.

Ann G. Bosse vs. Maurice P. Bosse.

William J. Johnson vs. Deborah M. Johnson.

Julie A. Guidebeck vs. James R. Guidebeck.

John F. Scott vs. Barbara Scott.

Sheila L. Cannon vs. Ace L. Cannon.

Mary Nhieu vs. Vi Lap Nhieu.

Deatra A. Kacarka vs. John J. Kacarka.

Kim M. Stallins vs. Jerry M. Stallins.

Larry W. Phipps vs. Karen Phipps.

Susan P. Thomas vs. Ghale Cheers Thomas, Jr.

Karen H. Lambert vs. John T. Lambert.

Heather Anne Branson vs. Rodney J. Branson.

Eric James Schaub vs. Jodi Marie Schaub.

Charles P. Graziano III vs. Deborah M. Graziano.

Rebecca A. Vernon vs. Steven Vernon.

Robert B. Schermerhorn vs. Sharon L. Schermerhorn.

Josephine E. Spitrey Amer vs. Youssry I. Amer.

Samuel E. White vs. Brenda S. White.

Dissolutions of marriage granted

Cheryl Lee Nobles vs. Willie Leon Nobles III.

Sharon D. Vickers vs. Leroy Vickers Sr.

Debbie Y. Bermudez vs. Juan C. Bermudez.

Tammy L. Griffin vs. Jeffrey H. Griffin.

Tammy J. Giddions vs. James B. Giddions II.

Sandra Victoria Schmitt vs. Paul Michael Schmitt.

Phyllis A. Fox Hones vs. Robert Hones.

Natosha M. Kellar vs. Wiliam Kellar Sr.

Terri Smirlis vs. Roger Smirlis.

Bree Megan Amos vs. Dennis Lee Amos.

Cheryl A. Ales vs. William V. Ales Sr.

Cassandra L. Allen vs. Robert A. Allen.

Robert A. Lovett vs. Patricia Lovett.

Shelly L. Rainey vs. Larry E. Rainey.

Stacy Lynn Brown vs. James Richard Brown.

Barbara J. Diehl vs. Kenneth R. Diehl.

Fernando M. Ferreira vs. Maria I. Ferreira.

Thomas A. Ramirez vs. Kathryn A. Ramirez.

Marriage license applications

Craig Clay Smith of Clearwater and Sandra Lee Penglase of Spring Hill.

Ronald James McKinnon and Elizabeth Ann Manuel, both of Spring Hill.

James Arthur Puyear and Susan Politi, both of Spring Hill.

Omar Alexander Toro and Heather Lee Heath, both of Spring Hill.

Michael Herne and Julia Torok, both of Spring Hill.

Christopher Paul Manuli Jr. of Brooksville and Maria Eileen Pero of Dunedin.

Wayne Alan Belzer and April Genieve Gomez, both of Spring Hill.

Steven Bradley Turner and Jill Ann Suboticki, both of Brooksville.

David Lee Smith and Katherine Smith, both of Brooksville.

William Chester Holton and Carolyn Sue Ledington, both of Brooksville.

Mathew William Ortensie of Tampa and Jenifer Ashlee Altman of Brooksville.

John Marston Becker of Orlando and Gail Marie Roybal of Sarasota.

Angel Malavet and Margo Gospodinovich, both of Spring Hill.

Brian James Buchan and Crystal Ann Leblanc, both of Spring Hill.

Daniel Russell Reale and Jennifer Lee Polk, both of Spring Hill.

Randy George Hamby and Claudia Christine Munsell, both of Brooksville.

Bruce Terrial Voyles and Barbara Jean Harrison, both of Spring Hill.

Robert Alfred Condon and Michele Dawn Konst, both of Port Richey.

Robert Edwin Weaver and Cynthia Louise Carter, both of Brooksville.

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