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From comments by former President Richard M. Nixon, excerpted in the news service Canadian Press.

Canada and the United States are about as friendly as any two nations can be. But that doesn't mean U.S. and Canadian leaders always get along. Case in point: Nixon couldn't stand his intellectual, urbane and liberal Canadian counterpart, Prime Minister Pierre Trudeau.

Among the 500 hours of tapes just released by the National Archives (the same ones on which Nixon and the Rev. Billy Graham discussed Jews' "stranglehold" on the media) are conversations in which Nixon made it clear that his dislike for Trudeau extended to the P.M.'s staff and even Canada itself.

_ SUSAN TAYLOR MARTIN, Times senior correspondent

That Trudeau, he's a clever son of a b__. _ to his chief of staff, H. R. Haldeman.

What in the Christ is he talking about? _ to Secretary of State Henry Kissinger after Trudeau, whom Nixon considered a pompous egghead, left an Oval Office meeting.

Was the prime minister's executive assistant that bushy haired fellow? Ugly b___. Probably very left-wing. Why didn't we do something about it? _ to Haldeman, complaining about a Trudeau aide who refused to let Haldeman open a set of doors at Ottawa's National Arts Center so Nixon could make a quick getaway from a dinner with Trudeau during an official visit to Canada in 1972.

You've got to put it to these people for kicking the U.S. around after what we did for that lousy son of a b__ (Trudeau), wasting three days up there . . . Play it hard, find a way, g_ d_- it. Give it to somebody around here. _ Nixon, in a rage, ordering Haldeman to plant a negative story about Trudeau with columnist Jack Anderson.

That trip we needed like a hole in the head. _ to Kissinger, on the return from Ottawa.