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Snipes scores at box office

Published Sep. 2, 2005

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As Hollywood celebrated the best in film, Blade 2 starring Wesley Snipes as a vampire slayer sucked $33.1 million out of moviegoers to debut as the top weekend film. Ice Age, the animated comedy about prehistoric creatures caught by a big freeze, was close behind with $31.1 million in its second weekend, according to studio estimates Sunday. In third, the 20th anniversary reissue E.T. The Extra Terrestrial pulled in $15.1 million. Together the top 12 weekend films grossed an estimated $121-million.

Teen dream scene

Britney Spears accidentally set fire to her New York apartment after leaving a candle burning, according to her Web site. Luckily, there was little damage save for a torched wall . . . 'N Sync member Lance Bass arrived in Moscow on Friday for a battery of tests in hopes of fulfilling his dream of being the first entertainer in space. Bass wants to be the next civilian to travel on a Russian ship to the International Space Station. Russian space agency spokesman Sergei Gorbunov says Bass has not taken "official steps" to arrange the trip.

Noted soprano dies

Eileen Farrell, who excelled as an opera and a pop soprano in a string of successful recordings and performances including five seasons at the Met, died Saturday. She was 82.

Look magazine wrote that "Note for note (Farrell's voice) is perhaps as close to a flawless soprano instrument as exists in the world today."

She was an unusual diva in many ways, not only for her talents in opera, jazz and pop, but for her down-to-earth lifestyle. She was married to a a New York City policeman, Robert Reagan, and she didn't hesitate to turn down work if it took her away from their son and daughter.

"I was just an ordinary person, a married lady with children, and I sang," she said in a 1992 Associated Press interview.