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Snowbell steals the show in "SL2'

Published Sep. 3, 2005

Movie: Stuart Little 2

Rating: PG for some mild language

Summary: Stuart Little (voice by Michael J. Fox) is a mouse who was adopted by the Little family three years ago. He has adjusted well to life as a member of the Little household, but when his older (human) brother George (Jonathan Lipnicki) starts to make new friends and leave Stuart out of his activities, he realizes that it's time to make some friends of his own. Coincidentally, the very next day when Stuart is driving home from school in his tiny car, a bird named Margalo (voice of Melanie Griffith) falls from the sky into the passenger seat after being hunted by a falcon. Though it seems like Stuart's wish for a friend has come true, there's more to Margalo than meets the eye.

My View: This is a feel-good movie. The characters are endearing and cute. I really don't see much difference between this one and the first Little movie. I don't mean that in a negative way; I enjoyed the first one. The nearly faultless animation was just as good, and there seemed to be no boundary between reality and computer generation.

Favorite part: Snowbell the cat was by far the highlight of Stuart Little 2. Nathan Lane's New Jersey accent and his overall voice performance brought this character to life in a most amusing way. Snowbell provided many of the laugh-out-loud moments in the film.

Least favorite part: This film just won't have the same appeal to teenagers and adults that Lilo & Stitch had. I liked Stuart Little 2; it just didn't wow me.

Recommendations: This is a great story for kids. They're going to love it in the theater and they're going to want it when it comes out on video.

Grade: B+

Billy Norris, 14, will be in the ninth grade at Seminole High School, and is a former member of the Times X-Team.