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Dry sense of humor behind Denver ads

Say this much for Denver: Even in the grip of a severe drought, facing water shortages and fearing wildfires, it still has a sense of humor.

Officials worried about the region's dwindling water supply have launched an unusual advertising campaign featuring an assortment of billboard slogans that comically beg residents to conserve.

"Brush Every Other Tooth," one proclaims.

"Shower in Groups," another urges.

"Real Men Dry Shave."

Under each plea is the serious message: "It's a Drought. Do Something."

Denver is parched because snowfalls in recent winters have been light and its summer has been hot and dry. Restrictions on watering lawns and washing cars have been imposed.

Not everyone thinks the ads are funny, though.

Jane Earle, a spokeswoman for Denver's water agency, said a dentist objected to the slogan "Brush Every Other Tooth" because it promotes poor hygiene.