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Suits filed

(Filings for June 17-21, 2002)

Fred Lee Perry vs. Richard P. Landry and Windsor Insurance Company (auto negligence).

William C. Martin and Regina K. Martin vs. Select Medical Corporation, SMC of Tampa Inc., Sports and Orthopedic Rehabilitation Services and Novacare (other negligence).

Conseco Finance Servicing Corp vs. Deborah G. Gartner, Arthur F. Gartner, John Doe and Jane Doe (replevins).

Conseco Finance Servicing Corp vs. Tammy S. Rowe, John Doe and Jane Doe Unknown Tenants (replevins).

Conseco Finance Servicing Corp vs. Gary J. Vaillancourt, John Doe and Jane Doe (replevins).

Jane McGinnis and Brian McGinnis vs. Brook Ann Slawson (auto negligence).

Jane McGinnis, Brian McGinnis and Jessica McGinnis vs. Brook Ann Slawson (auto negligence).

Karen Ostrander vs. Ernest L. Simonds, Jr. (child support).

US Bank National Association as Trustee vs. Edwin Vega, Astrid Yolanda Vega, Unknown Tenants 1-2 and Unknown Parties (real property).

US Bank National Association and First Bank National Association Trust vs. Robert Michael Penney Jr., Patricia A. Infante-Penney, Unknown Parties, United National Bank and Tenants 1-4 (real property).

Shakita M. Napier vs. Vernon R. Lee (child support).

Connie Townsend vs. Samuel L. Madrey III (child support).

Citifinancial Mortgage Company Inc. and Associates Home Equity Services Inc. vs. Kevin M. Grogan, Jane Doe Grogan Unknown Spouse of Kevin M. Grogan, Sharon D. Giancaspro, John Doe Giancaspro Unknown Spouse of Sharon D. Giancaspro, John Doe and Jane Doe Unknown Tenants (real property).

Compass Bank vs. Karen M. Palmer, John Doe Palmer, Paul Blitz Greig and Unknown Tenant (real property).

Cynthia Guessregen, Joseph K. Guessregen, Alexis Guessregen and Dominick Burns vs. DAB Constructors Inc., TBE Group Inc., Tampa Bay Engineering and Department of Transportation (other negligence).

Charles D. Traxler, Jr. vs. Michele R. Debenuvernet, Michele R. Siemon and Michele R. Dill (other domestic relations).

Chase Manhattan Mortgage Corporation vs. Timothy W. Roberts, Deanna M. Roberts, Donna J. Frazko, Unknown Spouse, John Doe and Mary Doe (real property).

Nicole Kokoris vs. Workmen's Auto Insurance Company (auto negligence).

Angela M. Wilson vs. Jason J. Hunter (child support).

Angela R. Howell vs. Renee D. Gibson (child support).

Tangela R. Mason vs. Charles E. Hilery (child support).

Vanda L. Rawleigh vs. Ricky S. Rawleigh (child support).

Keri A. Johnson vs. Edmund E. Johnson (child support).

Cynthia Marie English vs. Ronald L. Yancey (child support).

Maryanne E. Tolman vs. Damien J. Tolman (child support).

Countrywide Home Loans Inc. vs. Elizabeth J. Jaworska, Unknown Spouse of Elizabeth J. Jaworska, Unknown Parties, John Doe and Jane Doe Unknown Tenants (real property).

National City Mortgage Company and National City Mortgage vs. Bruce L. Carr, Teresa Carr, Mendez Mobile Home Set Up Transport Inc., Citrus Bank, A Touch of Class Mobile Center Inc., John Doe and Jane Doe Unknown Tenants (real property).

Thomas E. Fackler vs. Leanne Proctor (other domestic relations).

Hildegard Bloemink vs. Ana J. Colon (auto negligence).

Yvette Ford vs. First Floridian Auto and Home Insurance Company (auto negligence).

Fairbanks Capital Corporation and Credit Suisse First Boston vs. Tony Deblasio, Unknown Spouse of Tony Deblasio, Christine E. Hogan, Unknown Spouse of Christine E. Hogan, Tenants 1-4 and Unknown Parties (real property).

Ronald Taylor and Annie Taylor vs. Ray A. Graham and Cynthia Graham (real property).

Leslie S. Jenkins vs. Kirk C. Jenkins (child support).

Sandra C. Mendez vs. David R. Vargas (child support).

First Bank National Association Trust vs. Vincent A. Panariello III, Unknown Spouse of Vincent A. Panariello III, Suncoast Schools Federal Credit Union, Bank of America NA, Barnett Bank NA, John and Jane Doe Unknown Tenants (real property).

(Filings for June 24-28, 2002)

Victoria E. Hardenbrook vs. William Lovett (child support).

Suntrust Bank Central Florida NA as Trustee vs. Carole A. Neely, John Doe Neely Unknown Spouse of Carole A. Neely, Dennis V. Neely, Jane Doe Neely Unknown Spouse of Dennis V. Neely, NCS Mortgage Services LLC, Companion Mortgage Corporation, John Doe and Jane Doe Unknown Tenants (real property).

Amsouth Bank vs. Karen M. Palmer, Paul Blitz Greig, Blitz P. Greig, Compass Bank, John Doe and Jane Doe (real property).

Eric Robert Brielmaier vs. Joann Penny Vance and Terry L. Vance (other domestic relations).

Bobby Griffin Sumner, Jr. vs. Bobby Zachary Whitfield (other domestic relations).

Rubin Bush and Doris Bush vs. Carl Hedlund (auto negligence).

Chase Manhattan Mortgage Corporation vs. Joan Davila, John Doe Unknown Spouse of Jan Davila and Unknown Tenant Owners (real property).

Ladonna New vs. Jimmy D. Henry (child support).

Pamela E. Hager vs. Daniel A. Bailey (child support).

Tammy L. Preston vs. Christopher S. Knight (child support).

Steven Ashmore and Diann Ashmore vs. State Farm Florida Insurance Company (contract and indebtedness).

Robin J. Seamon vs. A. Hussam Armashi, Hernando Anesthesia Associates PA and Active Pain Control Center (other).

Terry M. Taylor vs. Julia F. Taylor (child support).

Theron Grant and Patricia Grant vs. Hartford Insurance Company of the Midwest (contract and indebtedness).

Paul J. Grasso and Barbara Grasso vs. James Seth Davidson (auto negligence).

Bruce H. Barello vs. Jamie D. Hendrix (child support).

Angela L. Cook vs. Bruce E. Warren (child support).

Joseph R. Hamilton vs. Joseph J. Mathis (child support).

Alecia A. Woods vs. Lee E. Smiley (child support).

PM Mike Barbee and Barrad Marketing Group vs. Miralink Group Inc., John Does 1-4 and Black and White Corporation IV (contract and indebtedness).

Marcia Alice Elizabeth Davis vs. Joseph G. Vaiana (child support).

Ashley L. Sellers vs. William Lamb (child support).

Marty Thompson, Sr. vs. Jim Rogers and Pam Rogers (other domestic relations).

Midfirst Bank vs. James F. Osborne, Shari Russell, Shari L. Alfano, Household Finance Corporation III and Unknown Tenants (real property).

Erica Marie Ragan-Hall vs. Thomas C. Hall (child support).

Sandra Yvonne Deason vs. Leroy George Kirkland III (child support).

Betty J. Calabro vs. Charles J. Calabro (child support).

Gregory K. Landry vs. Pauline Delabio and Charles Fontana (auto negligence).

The Provident Bank Inc. vs. Carol Ann Priester, John Doe Priester Unknown Spouse of Carol Ann Priester, Reginald E. Sullivan, Ursula B. Sullivan and John Does Unknown Tenants 1-2 (real property).

Carrie Bellie Gandy vs. Kevin Raymond Powers (auto negligence).

Equicredit Corporation of America vs. Susan Jansen, Howard R. Jansen, John Doe and Jane Doe (real property).

Equicredit Corporation of America vs. Dorothy El Debiec, Unknown Spouse of Dorothy El Debiec, John Doe and Jane Doe (real property).

Ameriquest Mortgage Company vs. Michelle M. Caruso, Brenitta E. Montague, Unknown Spouse of Brenitta E. Montague, Unknown Tenants 1-2 and Edwin Marrero (real property).

Guaranty Residential Lending Inc. vs. Donald C. Lashley, Kimberly A. Lashley, John Doe and Mary Doe (real property).

HomeQ Servicing Corporation, TMS Mortgage Inc. and The Money Store vs. Beverly J. Thomason Horton, Beverly J. Horton, Beverly J. Thomason, Beverly Thomason, Unknown Spouse of Beverly J. Thomason Horton, Gary G. Horton, Unknown Spouse of Gary G. Horton, John Doe and Jane Doe Unknown Tenants (real property).

Bank One National Association vs. Francisco Aviles Rodriguez, Nilsa Ivette Vadel Segarra, Nilso L. Vadell Degarra, Nilsa Rodriguez, Huntington National Bank, John Doe and Jane Doe Unknown Tenants (real property).

Wachovia Bank of Delaware NA, First Union National Bank of Delaware and First Union Home Equity Bank NA vs. Charles Collins, Teresa Parker, Terry Parker, Debra Parker, John Doe and Jane Doe Unknwon Tenants (real property).

Citifinancial Mortgage Loan Corporation and Associates Home Equity Loan Corporation vs. Steven Kimball, Dawn E. Kimball, Elizabeth J. Ross, John Doe and Jane Doe Unknown Tenants (real property).

Grubbs Construction Company vs. Smith and Company Inc. and American Home Assurance Company (contract and indebtedness).

WElls Fargo Bank Minnesota NA as Trustee vs. Carrie Hess, Unknown Spouse of Carrie Hess and Tenants 1-4 (real property).

Mary E. Pipes vs. Meadowood Homes Inc. (contract and indebtedness).

Constance Plourde and Raynold Plourde vs. Louis S. Contreras MD, HCA Health Services of Florida, Oak Hill Hospital, Bayer Corporation, Bayer AG, Glaxosmithkline and Glaxosmithkline PLC (products liability).

Darnell Adams and Margaret Adams vs. Government Employees Insurance Company (auto negligence).

Citifinancial Mortgage Company Inc. and Associates Home Equity Service Inc. vs. Chris Arnold Johnson, Jane Doe Johnson, Karen L. Johnson, Joel Whittaker and John Doe (real property).

Midfirst Bank vs. Shawn L. Barkley and Unknown Tenants/Owners (real property).

Suntrust Bank NA vs. Arleen C. Runkowski, Unknown Parties in Possession 1-2 (real property).

Brooksville Regional Hospital vs. Roberta S. Groce and Hernando HMA Inc. (other).

Scott Cline vs. Cathleen Doran and Cathleen Ross (other).

Homecomings Financial Network Inc. vs. Anthony L. O'Brien, Dora D. O'Brien, Robert E. Laue Quam, John Doe and Jane Doe (real property).


(Filings for June 17-21, 2002)

Manufacturers and Traders Trust Company as Trustee vs. Alvaro S. Mendoza, Jovita R. Mendoza and Unknown Tenant Owners (real property).

Citibank NA vs. Mark A. Wilkins, Advanta National Bank, Barbara A. Wilkins, John Doe and Jane Doe Unknown Tenants (real property).

Cendant Mortgage Corporation vs. Vernon Harris, Unknown Spouse, John Doe and Jane Doe (real property).

Conseco Finance Servicing Corp. vs. Harold W. Kruser, Debra L. Mason, John Doe and Jane Doe Unknown Tenants (real property).

GRMT Mortgage vs. Jacqueline Vandegrift, Steven T. Vandegrift, John Doe and Jane Doe Unknown Tenants (real property).

(Filings for June 24-28, 2002)

Michael E. Laird Jr. and Michael E. Laird Sr. vs. The School Board of Hernando County (other).

Edna Gordon vs. Frederick G. Allen (auto negligence).

Glenda Wendt vs. Steven V. Helms, John A. Sumner, Kenneth Roland and Hernando Title Services Inc. (real property).

Lowes Home Center Inc. and Berkeley Manor LTD vs. Garant E. Tolbert, Gary L. Fisher, Charles G. Mixson, Lawrence J. Jennings, Hernando County and Hernando County Board of County Commissioners (other).

Julie A. Lex and Klaus Lex vs. Sean Patrick Douglass and Howard E. Douglass (auto negligence).

Bridget M. McKenzie vs. Gene D. McKenzie (child support).

Bank of America NA, Nationsbank NA, Barnett Bank NA, Barnett Bank of Jacksonville NA and Barnett Bank of the Suncoast NA vs. Francisco J. Silva, Vance D. Mende and Unknown Persons in Possession (real property).

Salvatore J. Napoli III vs. Christina L. Laugen (dissolution of marriage).

Dwight Shipper vs. Fred Miller Ellsworth (child support).

FC/HRS Brandon Hernandez vs. Kathleen A. Bassette (child support).


(Filings for June 17-21, 2002)

Essie Frazier vs. Willie Frazier (child support).

Bombardier Capital Inc. vs. Wendell Eugene Mesecher, Judith Kay Mesecher, Richard Bellingar and Lora Bellingar (replevins).

Margarita Granatie vs. Catia Denny (child support).

Crystal J. Wright vs. Allan John Rau (child support).

Sylvia Joyce Renner vs. Harold Edgar Renner, Jr. (child support).

Christine Field vs. Christopher Kenneth Field, Sr. (child support).

Leaner Jackson vs. Jeffrey Munford (child support).

Joanne D. Stout vs. Donna D. Graves (child support).

Barbara A. Baumstark vs. Dale A. Schiedel (child support).

Joleen Fein vs. Patrick Flora (child support).

Damaris Rivera vs. Felix Claudio (child support).

Brandy L. Simmers vs. Charles A. Wiley (child support).

Paula Buonaguro vs. Mel Buonaguro (child support).

Stephanie J. Krollman vs. Robert J. Krollman.

Crystal Marie Hargrave vs. James R. Kent (child support).

Juliann Marie Jones, Gregory Bryan Johnson and Brandy Sue Johnson vs. Juliann Marie Jones Johnson (other domestic relations).

Katie M. Bryant vs. Miguel R. Floyd (child support).

Joy Jackson Wilson vs. Joy Kathryn Jackson (other domestic relations).

Hernando County vs. Robert E. Meadows and Meadowood Mobile Home Sales (other).

Connie Townsend vs. Samuel L. Madrey III (child support).

(Filings for June 24-28, 2002)

HCA Health Services of Florida Inc. and Columbia Regional Medical Center Oak Hill vs. Brenda Ruby (other).

Beverlee A. Summerall vs. Michael S. Kinder (child support).

Vanda L. Rawleigh vs. Ricky S. Rawleigh (child support).

Dissolutions of marriage filed

(Filings for June 17-21, 2002)

Charles W. Jackson vs. Beryl G. Jackson.

Brian W. Durso vs. Shirley S. D. Durso.

Deborah L. McKay vs. Jeremy S. McKay.

Elizabeth C. French vs. David M. French.

Samuel Thomas Hammett vs. Carol Sue Hammett.

Ricardo A. Garmendez vs. Alicia K. Garmendez.

John L. Edmonds vs. Rebecca M. Edmonds.

Dwight Lee Wolter vs. Christine B. Kirk.

Louis J. Wise vs. Kellie J. Wise.

Joseph E. Mages, Sr. vs. Lauren E. Mages.

Scott W. Delaney vs. Tammy Delaney.

Larry Montgomery vs. Darlene Montgomery.

Sioban Challis vs. Jerry Giesbrecht.

John D. McRae vs. Kerry McRae.

Lydia L. Kulp vs. Daniel H. Kulp.

Michelle I. Poindexter vs. Jason A. Poindexter.

William R. Zeuli vs. Barbara M. Moss.

(Filings for June 24-28, 2002)

Debra Ann Michael Swain vs. William A. Swain.

Carolyn Patrick vs. Neil Patrick.

David Alan Horrigan vs. Mary Horrigan.

Lester L. Lightner vs. Anne Marie Lightner.

Lelia Jennice Balmer vs. Wayne Tyrone Tillman.

Leslie C. Duncan vs. Arthur W. Duncan.

Alexis Hoffman vs. Randall Scott Hoffman.

Wayne K. Dion vs. Jacqueline L. Dion.

Scott J. Marion vs. Frances M. Marion.

Jennifer D. Lakeman vs. Ronald C. Lakeman.


of marriage granted

(Filings for June 17-21, 2002)

Melissa Ann Hoogasian vs. John Christian Hoogasian.

Linda Messina vs. Anthony Messina.

Jeffery P. Duval vs. Maria Duval.

Jeffery McNair vs. Mary L. McNair.

Joan Elaine Hall vs. Horace Laurence Hall.

Cheryl L. Lane vs. Timothy L. Lane.

Sandra Thomas vs. Kenneth R. Thomas.

Linda Steo-Curtis vs. John W. Curtis, Sr.

Colleen Kostur vs. Brian J. Kostur.

Kara M. Smith vs. John W. Smith.

Billie M. Miranda vs. Juan J. Miranda, Jr.

Kim M. Stallins vs. Jerry M. Stallins.

Larry W. Phipps vs. Karen Phipps.

Delores Williams Taylor vs. Prentice Taylor.

Tammy K. King vs. Stanley H. King, Jr.

Cynthia E. Mylrea Medley vs. William Gail Medley.

Louise J. Gary vs. Jimmie Gary.

Laurel R. Ross vs. Daniel L. Ross.

Vincent Garland Stroble vs. Tamara Lynn Stroble.

Jowatha L Hart vs. Richard L. Hart.

Lisa Marie Augustsson vs. Mark Allen Augustsson.

Jonathan Ekdahl vs. Gloria Ekdahl.

Martha Caridad Martinez vs. Julio Martinez.

Keith E. Tomlinson vs. Kristin J. Tomlinson.

(Filings for June 24-28, 2002)

Ann Bernacki vs. Victor I. Bernacki.

Marriage license applications

(Filings for June 17-21, 2002)

Donald Thomas Kirby of Clearwater and Terry Jean Kingsley of Spring Hill.

Robert Jene Wallace and Melody Kay Steele, both of Spring Hill.

Moses Jerry Lawrence and Donna Lee Pochodowicz, both of Brooksville.

Mark Patrick Carroll and Samantha Louise Bengay, both of Ridge Manor.

Henry Anderson Thurlow, Jr. and Dennette Leigh Rodgers, both of Spring Hill.

Jon Michael Musella and Kelly Ann Dunn, both of Levittown, N.Y.

David Allen McInnis and Rosalyn Ann Worman, both of Spring Hill.

Pedro Felix Morales, Jr. of Valrico and Raquel Acevedo of Spring Hill.

Robert Dwayne Faircloth and Kelly D. Caudill, both of Beverly Hills.

David Francis Rotolo and Michelle Dennis, both of Spring Hill.

(Filings for June 24-28, 2002)

Ronald James Basso and Tawana Lynn Puckett, both of Weeki Wachee.

Jesse Thomas Curtis and Earlene Cook Curtis, both of Spring Hill.

Christopher Donald Ash and Alexandra Fedorovna Stepanova, both of Spring Hill.

Brent Ray Schuler and Shandi Rene Reynolds, both of Brooksville.

Irvine Garfield Holmes and Norma Joanne Page, both of Brooksville.

Daniel William Murphy and Heather Lynn Hersey, both of Spring Hill.

Jamiel Vadell and Susan Michelle Booth, both of Brooksville.

Colon Pedro Nunez and Angelina Maria Allee, both of Brooksville.

John Herman Smith of New Port Richey and Patricia Ann Desantis of Brooksville.

Stephen Harry Kazan and Florence Elizabeth Fries, both of Homosassa.

Habib Bahrami and Pamela Denise Mack, both of Spring Hill.