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Question: I was wondering whether Dinotopia will be shown again. I missed it when it aired and everyone who saw it said it was great. Will it be released on VHS or DVD?

Answer: As of this time, ABC hasn't announced a repeat broadcast of the miniseries, which originally aired in May on The Wonderful World of Disney. But Dinotopia will be released on VHS and DVD on July 30. It also becomes a weekly series this fall on ABC. Dinotopia, based on the books by James Gurney, is the story of a lost continent where dinosaurs and humans live together in an almost-utopian world.

Question: Sarah Chalke of Scrubs looks so familiar but I just can't place her. What shows was she on before this one?

Answer: Chalke got her big break in 1993 when she was cast as daughter Becky Conner in Roseanne, replacing actor Lecy Goranson. Now she plays medical intern Elliot Reid on the NBC sitcom Scrubs.

Question: Please tell me the name of the admiral played by Dennis Weaver on Emerald Point N.A.S.

Answer: Dennis Weaver played Rear Adm. Thomas Mallory, commanding officer of the Emerald Point Naval Air Station, in the 1983-84 prime-time soap. The series was canceled after one season. Weaver, 77, is now a host on the Encore Westerns channel.

Question: Is Jules Asner, host of Revealed on E!, related to Ed Asner?

Answer: Asner is Ed Asner's former daughter-in-law. She divorced his son, Matthew, in 1996.

Question: Five or 10 years ago there was a miniseries starring Pierce Brosnan as the head of a large company in Asia. It was based on a book by the same name. Could you tell me the name of the book/series and if it's on video?

Answer: Noble House was a 1988 miniseries based on the James Clavell novel. Pierce Brosnan headed the cast. The miniseries is available on VHS.

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