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Two more sinkholes open in Spring Hill

(ran PC edition of PASCO TIMES)

Kathy Davis said she is looking forward to moving into her new home.

And she is not going to let a nearby pair of 15-foot deep sinkholes get her down.

"They're popping up everywhere," Davis said. "I'm not nervous about it. But I'm glad they're not on my property."

Davis, 56, said she saw the sinkholes after construction workers told her that several nearby trees had sunk into the ground. She mentioned it to her daughter-in-law, Kimberly Davis, who had just moved in across the street from her future home.

The Furley Avenue holes are the latest major holes in the Spring Hill area, which seems to be an especially active area for sinkholes.

Assistant Fire Chief Danny Roberts said workers had enclosed an area of woods near the roadside about 100 feet wide in yellow caution tape. He said that one of the sinkholes appeared to be old but that a fresh one indicated new activity in the area.

"We've been up there a couple of times checking on it," Roberts said.

Stuart Glover, the president of the Hernando Builders Association, said few builders test for sinkhole activity before building.

"I suppose someone could test for that," Glover said. "But it's not something most do."

He said he had never seen a sinkhole open near a construction site.

Kathy Davis said she was not thrilled about her neighborhood sinkhole, but she doesn't regret building a new home.

"From what they tell me, all of Florida is a big sinkhole," she said.

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