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Add a downtown arch, rob an adult center?

Have St. Petersburg's elected officials (City Council and mayor) taken leave of their senses? First I read that the City Council approved $270,000 for an arch to be erected at the Pier entrance (No rise in tax rate, council decides, July 12). Do we really need this at a popular attraction? Is this a good price? It seems excessive to me.

Then I read that the mayor is recommending cutting funding for Roberts Adult Center by some $48,000 (Staff, programs may be cut at Roberts Adult Center, July 17). This is once again putting the money downtown and taking it away from the rest of the city.

Please write your council member and the mayor and let them know this is not a good move. We need to keep our community centers open and not decrease their activity.

As for the arch, let's keep it in St. Louis.

William Goff, St. Petersburg

Many cherish Roberts Adult Center

Re: Staff, programs may be cut at Roberts Adult Center.

Unless you live on the north side of St. Petersburg you may not be familiar with Roberts Adult Center. If you have never taken classes or gone on trips with friends, attended the monthly luncheons or just stopped by to chat, you probably don't care that the city is one step away from axing Roberts out of existence.

These are indeed hard times, not just for the city but for all of us. Belts have to be tightened. But I am asking the city to rethink its plan to cut back at Roberts, a place so many people enjoy and depend on for daily social interaction.

It's true that the building is old and sometimes the rooms are too crowded, but the friendly atmosphere gives the building warmth and charm not found in some of the newer centers. This place is a valuable asset to our community. It works for a whole lot of people. Please don't take it away.

Joy Austin, St. Petersburg

Chief Pelkington goes out of his way

When my wife and I leave our Treasure Island home to summer in Maine, we have our St. Petersburg Times forwarded to Spruce Head Island. Nothing beats the Times!

We recently read your July 7 article on police Chief Joseph Pelkington of Treasure Island and the Happy Pig Pin (Happy pig effaces frown over parking fine). We wanted to write and let you know, nothing beats Chief Pelkington!

Chief Pelkington is a community leader that we all have long been proud to have in charge of our police and protection. This parking meter incident with Gillian Dean is not an isolated one. "The Chief" has always gone out of his way to connect with the visitors to our beach town and goes out of his way to understand the needs of the residents of Treasure Island.

The people of Treasure Island are fortunate to have Joe and Alice as neighbors.

This guy is cool!

Ray Green and Cathy Rezak, Treasure Island