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Muvico BayWalk 20, St. Petersburg

How long have you been doing this job?

Since November. I'm also a student at Northeast High School.

Is this your first job?

Yes, it is.

How did you get it?

Me and my friends used to come to the movies here. One day I picked up an application, and here I am.

It was that easy?

I turned in an application, and they called me the next day for an interview. About a week later I went through orientation, and the next day I was here.

How many hours a week do you work?

About 30.

What do you make?

I make $6.50 an hour. I started at $6 an hour, but I'm a supervisor now. There are about 20 ushers and about five supervisors.

Has it been tough being a supervisor?

No, it's gone well. You've just got to be equal with everybody. Like, sometimes people might want to go on break, but you've got a lot of movies letting out. You have to keep things running smoothly.

Have you had any surprises so far?

It's better than I hoped it would be. There are nice people here.

What's your favorite thing about this job?

I'd say the fellow employees, the co-workers. We hang out, go places together.

What's your least favorite thing?

When it gets really, really busy on the weekends, or when you've got some big movies playing at the same time, like Star Wars and Spider-Man. And sometimes people I know from school will come and want to go to an R-rated movie, and I can't let them in. They'll be on me, and I say, "Hey, I can't risk my job for you."

Do you get to watch a lot of movies?

We get free movies. You can bring friends and family for free, up to a limit.

That must make you a popular guy.


What kind of movies do you like?

I like action. And every now and then, a little bit of romance.

What's the best movie food?

For me, I love the buffalo wings. Pretzels are good too. We have a combo with a large soda where you can get free refills. And for candy, Goobers.

Do you know what kind of a career you want to have?

I'm still trying to decide on that.

What advice would you give someone who was going to take this job?

Just be a people person. Know how to get along with everybody and smile.