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Saved in seconds

(ran PC edition)

A joyful frolic in the water quickly turned to terror for two young swimmers Tuesday, when they got into trouble in the shallow end of a pool at Hercules Aquatic Center in Zephyrhills. Rosie Daily, 7, had been teaching Katlyn Duty, 6, to swim. When things got out of control, the girls called out for help, and lifeguard Grace Sinclair was right there with a flotation device and an arm to cling to. The whole sequence took only about 20 seconds. The girls were fine.

The distress is written all over the faces of Katlyn Duty, 7, left, and Rosie Daily, 6, as they struggle in the pool Tuesday. They were quickly rescued. The girls were part of a group from A Precious Beginning day care center in Zephyrhills.

Katlyn Duty and Rosie Daily keep a clenched grip on lifeguard Grace Sinclair Tuesday, as they begin to shake off the effects of a close call in the pool.