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New WTI official deals with discipline

Wetzel Mason "Lucky" Lewis is the newest Withlacoochee Technical Institute assistant director, joining Sam Stitler, who handles curriculum and funding, and Jimmy Bryant, who is director of the evening programs.

Lewis, 48, deals with discipline, attendance and facilities. He said his motto for dealing with discipline situations is "I want you to succeed." He said he wants the students to "leave here with a career, diploma, whatever it is they're seeking."

He will oversee new construction at WTI, as well as renovations. He is the supervisor of grounds maintenance and the custodial staff.

Lewis has been at WTI for about a year as media specialist. Before that, he was media specialist at Citrus High for a year, after working in the same capacity at Crystal River High for six years.

Prior to working in Citrus County, Lewis was an industrial arts teacher and media specialist in Pasco County.

"My original teaching experience was in vocational education," he said. "I really like it because there's a purpose and focus to it, helping people find careers, and there's a lot of satisfaction in that."

Right now WTI is updating the business lab and, to Lewis, that kind of renovation is keeping the school moving in the direction of its purpose. "Part of the mission (of WTI) is to attract the students to a professional facility," he said.

Lewis is married and has a son. His wife, Lynn, is a data entry secretary and computer network assistant at Floral City Elementary School. His son, Mason, 19, is a junior at the University of Central Florida studying education. Another household member is Honey Girl, the family's boxer.

In his free time, Lewis likes to ride his motorcycle and fish. He also is a race car driver with the Sports Car Club of America.

Lewis is very pleased to be at WTI and said, "I'm looking forward to it. I really am. I think WTI has a really bright future."

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